Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T- four days

Well folks im back again. I am glad no one has gotten mad at me for not posting much in the last few months, I dont even get a chance to read to many blogs anymore. I am intending on a daily post throughout the cruise starting on Sunday! I am so looking forward to this vacation as some down time is verymuch needed. The fifteen hour days dont so much bother me, its the fact there are seven of them in a week that is pushing on me. A little R&R is just what is needed.

So for an update, I went to Dr. Wacks last week and weighed in and he told me I now weigh less than him. He added he doesnt think he can like me anymore, oops. My weigh in was 262lbs which was sixtyeight pounds since I started this diet about seven months ago. The weight is falling off a bit slower now but still inching down here and there. Dr. Wacks said one pound per week now is great and two would be excellent, but still being an addict and wanting instant gratification I still want ten pounds per week. guess we dont always get what we want. He also checked my bloodpressure and told me to throw away the meds I have been taking for hypertension. it was 80/55 and my heart rate was 50, now I am right at 120/75 with no meds. I had no idea how much the weight was hurting me in the now. I knew if I didnt lose weight it would kill me early but early was coming faster than I expected. Now I can walk without gasping for air and do all the things normal people do. I made a promise to myself when this started, lose 100 pounds then quit smoking, who knew I could do that. It was kind of an excuse to not quit smoking but I guess I might have to do that too.

Well thats it for now, gotta get back to work. I hope you will join me for some cruising blog fun.
Heres hoping all your faces have smiles

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its Been a While

Well it has been a good long while since I wrote anything here. Sorry, I have just been insanely busy with the new job. To give everyone an update on what it is I do, here we go. Number one job is overseeing fifty eight addicts and alcoholics. If that was my only responsibility it would keep me going every day, but there is more. Second, I am the guy who does all the interviews of potential clients. This includes….sit down before you fall down….. I walk into the Palm Beach County Jail at least once a week, usually more. The sheriff’s department actually cleared me to walk in the front door after doing a background check (not sure where their standards are). The best part of this whole thing is I get to walk out the front door whenever I feel like it, pretty cool eh? I also walk in and out of courtrooms on a regular basis. I put on my suit and walk in there like an attorney and the judges take me serious when I speak (that’s the part that really blows me away).

I also run groups; keep working relationships with attorneys, probation officers and other professionals. If they only knew where I was three years ago I doubt any of them would talk to me, so that will stay our little secret because this retired crack head has the coolest job in the world. It is kind of all-encompassing though and that is why you haven’t seen me here in so long, and kind of rarely for my standards on Facebook. I am sorry that I have not been keeping in touch with you I just have not had time. I figured out that I am putting in about 70 hours per week if it is slow, but the thing is I don’t feel like I have a job, this isn’t really work. I perform a labor of love every day and no matter what I wake up excited. My boss is more a friend and college than a boss. He gives me direction and coaching but in ways no other boss ever has, seems like he is training me for his job one day (hopefully not one day too soon). I still have a lot to learn, like when to shut up on the witness stand but I am working on it.

I have a couple more things to update you guys on, first the diet. When this started it was kind of the hardest thing ever. I went through a full blow detox, it was horrible. I was the crankiest person you could have been around but it has been worth it. As of now I am down about sixty pounds and frustrated because I have leveled off on my losing. I will admit that I have not been as intense lately and I need to get back into that routine. It is just so hard with my schedule and the fact that I don’t cook any of my own meals. I thing I have gotten to the point that nothing short of exercise will work, DRAT!  So at the advice of my doctor I am supposed to walk every morning. I find myself doing this about half the time because my joints and muscles are so weak from years of not exercising that I must twist an ankle every other day and it gets too painful to walk on.

For an update on the school thing, I have been going to class and am close. When I get back from vacation in December I will be starting my internship (which I will do at work YEAH!) once that is done in January I will go back and take the last five classes and sit for my state boards. Hope to have that all finished by April. So as you can tell I have been a busy beaver, so busy I almost loose count on when this vacation is. I think it’s in like twenty two days or something like that. (just kidding it is exactly twenty two days) I am excited and need the break but I think I will miss work being away from it for a whole week.

Well I think that enough for today. Sorry the post was so long but I have not updated you guys in so long I has a lot to report. Here’s hoping all your faces have smiles