Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Mission

Well guys, I just have not had the spirit to write a blog post in a while. This has been a hard time in my life, and I am not one of those guys who write when things are tough. I have never been good at dealing with tough emotions, so I have thrown myself into my work full speed so I would feel the pain slowly a bit at a time instead of all at once. I think it has really hit home that Dad isnt here and I hate it, just hate it.

I have started full speed on my mission to fufill his last wish. I sent letters to congressmen about having his name added to the Vietnam Memorial, that didnt go well. I should have know, a congressmans job is to pass the buck or ignore you unless your making a big donation to his campaign. Congress sent me to the Army, and out the letters went to them. I am interested to see what they have to say about the idea. I will never stop trying to add dads name where it belongs....he earned it.

I created a facebook page on thier "causes" app. I hope you will all join this cause Put Sarge on the Wall. There were thousands of American soldiers who were sprayed with Agent Orange. Many of them are suffering like the Sarge did. If we can get Sarge's name on the wall it will open the door for so many more like him.

I will not soon forget the words of the man that dad often hailed on his blog, Rep. Alan West "Your father would have had to have died of a combat related injury to have his name added." What a pant load of crap that was. Dad liked Alan West for his dedication to veterans, turns out he's just another politician full of hot air and bullshit.

If you have not figured it out yet, I am still at the at the angry stage. They say there is five stages of grieving; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. If this is really true than this is gonna be a long process because I am still really, really angry. I dont really have room in my life for anger, but with regards to this I am making room.

Anyway, tonight I recieved my three year medallion. Eight days after Sarge passed was my anniversary. I wanted the medallion to go inside his urn, but that didnt get to happen.

While I was at the podium, I got a chance to talk about Sarge. I reminded myself that the last thing he said to me was how proud he was. So this weekend I plan to go out to the graveyard and leave the medallion with him.

I am sorry this has turned depressing but cant really help it right now; therefore I shall stop. Heres hoping I wake up in a better mood, and we all have great days! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Hero Laid to Rest

Sargent First Class Charles Edwin Cordle, Hero! I just love this picture of my dad, so much so I blew it up and put in the hall we had our reception. The service was absolutely amazing, The United States Army Color Guard did thier thing with absolute dignity and honor. The gun salute, although we knew it was coming, was behind us and we didnt know when it was coming (it scared the crap out of me). Thats when I really lost it for a few minutes, and that was followed by the bugler which was touching. Reverand Padgent delivered a positive and hopeful message that reminded me that the Sarge would be with me always in spirit while he is resting in the Kingdom of Heaven.

This has been the most rollercoaster ten days I can remember. From the news that dad was going on Hospice with weeks to three months left to being gone four days later to all the arrangements to the things that werent perfect that had to be fixed. In the end today was perfect, an incredibly honorable way for a great man like the Sarge's life to be celebrated. In this ten days I was really able to work on building my relationship with my sister which was great. I am so grateful she has been here this past week because I could not have done everything that needed to be done without her.

I an so greatful to all the wonderful folks who have showm me and my family so much love this pask week, words will never describe how much it has helped.

I guess there isnt really anything left to say about this, so I think it would be right to let a hymn close out todays post