Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve at the Fern

Twas the night before Christmas and all through Fern House
Not a creature was stirring, not even the crackheads.......

Well in reality, the days of the old school crackheads are just a thing of the past. Today, the field of addiction is filled with young kids coming off pills. The doctors prescribe seven oxycotin per day for a stubbed toe and the kids today are kicking walls and getting in line..... well today is christmas eve and alot of these kids are getting ready for their first christmas without drugs in a long time. My plan is to spend time with the ones who dont have a family to visit with. We have been more lienent about people going home for the holidays than I have ever seen Fern House be, but some of these guys dont have a family to go to, so to help keep their risk level down I am gonna stay here with them this year.

I have invited the parental units to come over and enjoy a Fern House Christmas dinner and we will spend some time together that way. Its better for them anyway as I think they have both given up on that room called the kitchen in their house. As a kid my motherly parental unit ALWAYS made homemade lasagna with meat sauce, and it was GOOOOOOOOOD. Unfortunately the days of her spending a full day in the kitchen have long since passed her by so I had a great idea, for Christmas eve I am taking them out to dinner at a lovly Italian resturant so I can get my lasagna fix.

Thas about it for now, I would like to wish all of you a very safe holiday. Heres hoping all your faces have smiles

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Party in paradise

Today is a big day in the holiday season at Fern House. I have a hearing in court this morning, I have had a lot of these lately. If you have seen me on Facebook, you have seen the pictures of me getting ready to walk into a courtroom, if not here you go:
After court I have to get back and get ready for the Fern House Christmas Party. Two hundred people are expected which is just crazy. We talked about changing the party next year and doing two different parties. One for the guys and their families, and one for the board of directors, the lawyers we work with all the time and hopfully a few judges too. I think that would be better because if 250 people show up (which is possible) I have no idea where we will put them. I will be posting some pictures from the party afterwards tommorow.

I have been struggling with my diet since getting back from the cruise. I still have the desire but the follow through just isnt where I need it to be. I am promising myself that after Christmas I am getting back on track with the plan. I am down seventy pounds since I started nine months ago, but I still have thirty to go to get to my original wish of losing a hundred pounds. I WILL DO IT.

Thats about it for now, I am writing this Sunday night and I have to get up early for court so have a great day. Heres hoping all your faces have smiles!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cruise Photos

Here are a few of the pictures taken on last weeks cruise. There are bunches more but these are my favorites.

 The guest of honor and BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

 The motherly parental unit with Ayla

 The true destination of the trip

 Atlantis Resort

 Food Porn

 More Food Porn

 Me at Megans Bay, St Thomas, USVI

 Veiw from the mountins of St Thomas

 Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

 Fort Cristibal in San Juan

 Setting Sun leaving San Juan

 Grand Turk

This was the final sunset on a great vacation

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Carnival Glory Day Seven (fun day at sea)

Well it is winding down, another wonderful week on a Carnival Cruise Ship. The family time has been great! The relaxing time has been awesome.

We are already packed and ready giving us the last night free with no responsibilities. I am going to miss the room service, the cabin steward cleaning up, the fresh sea air, and the peace and quiet....but I have to say I kinda miss my insane asylum. I am looking forward to getting back.

I will be posting a series of posts filled with pictures over the following week. I gotta run and enjoy the last night. Heres hoping all your faces have smiles.

Carnival Glory day six (Grand Turk)

Today was a wonderful day filled with not much at all. I got off the ship in grand turk for a couple hours, just long enough to walk around the shops and have lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

We didn't go to the dining room for dinner, elegant night and the sarge just cant handle the walking involved. the three of us went up to the Lido for dinner and some card playing. I am here to tell you my parental units are professional cheaters at cards.

After that it was comedy show night. Both comedians were ok, neither really knocked my socks off but they were not bad either. Going into the last day, a sea day. Gotta cut it short. Heres hoping all your faces have smiles.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Carnival Glory Day Five (San Juan, PR)

So we arrived in San Juan at 7AM this morning. San Juan is an amazing city. Last time here I did a bus tour of the city and didn't have time to explore the forts that guarded the city for five hundred years. My goal for the day was to do just that. Three blocks south of the port is this towering stone building that seems to be about twelve stories high. Come to find out it three levels, HUGE levels. Stone wall tunnels and 45 degree ramps with no handrails to go from one level to the next. I also don't know who did the design but I think if your on level two and need to go to level three you should not need to go down to one, but they did. My legs are still burning from all the walking today but it was fun.

I was back on the ship early and spent some quality time with the parental units. We sat on the Lido and played cards.

Dinner was lovely, Oysters Rockefeller, Caesar Salad, and filet minion. That was followed up by a chocolate raspberry cake.

I am not looking forward to returning because that will mean my diet has to resume and I am expecting a full blow detox from sugar and fatty foods. I am interested to see if I gained weight on this trip because my level of activity has been much more than when I am home.

I am over tired and cant think up anything else to say about today, so there. Heres hoping all your faces have smiles.

Carnival Glory Day 4 (St Thomas)

What an amazing day! We arrived in St Thomas about an hour late due to the high winds we experienced over the past couple days. Because of this the ship decided to stay an hour later in port. Around 11AM the motherly parental unit and myself got off the ship and moseyed through the port side shops and into the pharmacy to pick up some things the Sarge needed. after acquiring everything we needed she headed back to the ship and i went in search of something to do.

I found a bus island tour. $25 bucks and we were off for a two hour our of the island. St Thomas is truly one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. I got a bunch of pictures which I will post when we get back sunday.

I got back to the ship around 2PM and headed to the Lido in search of some lunch.....two people in line for the mongolian wok, wow! Staying on ships time, which is eastern standard time it meant that sunset was at 4:45 PM so I managed to take some photos from the balcony of the sun setting over the ridge line of Charlotte Amalie. There were a few too many clouds for and amazing sunset but it was pretty good.

The service at dinner was considerable better than it has been. The sarge was not feeling up to going to the dining room so the matre`d offered to take an order for him and have room service deliver it him. I thought tat was particularly nice of him.

Tonight was the show "Coming to America" they tried to do this show the other night but the seas were too high so it was rescheduled. I have seen this show before but it was still pretty cool. Afterwards we went up to Lido and played cards for a good while. You might have noticed there was no nap, this means I am exhausted, and we make port in San Juan early so I am calling it an early evening.

Heres hoping all your face have smiles!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Carnival Glory Day Three (fun day at sea)

So today was a sea day which i really enjoy. We never even had a view of dry land. The day brought total relaxation, much needed relaxation. I mentioned a show in store for last night but it did not materialize as rough seas made them cancel due to safety concerns for the dancers. wearing 6 inch heels in 8 foot seas is apparently not safe I don't know as I have never tried to dance in heels, but I will take their rd for it.

Dinner in the dining room has been some pretty rough service so far. Last night at the steakhouse the service was five star, but the dining rom has been poor service. I know we are a party f 11 which is tough but my niece Ayla watched us eat our second course and be served entrees then she got two courses at once. I have never seen problems like tis from Carnival. she did enjoy the wine at dinner, so much so that after dinner se was dancing in the casino with another lady who also had one two many. I can say this, Ayla is a funny drinker. She had me laughing until late into the evening.

So tomorrow is St Thomas, we are going to arrive about an hour late because of some of the high winds we have been traveling into. Thankfully the wind is starting to subside, and the seas with it too. many parts of the ship have been closed due to high winds and they are the parts I like such as the bow of the ship and the senility deck I am hoping to see them open back up tomorrow.

This cruise has been more of a bonding experience with my nieces and nephews. That part has been wonderful. overall so far it has been perfect, weather cant slow me down.

I guess thats it for now, heres hoping all your faces have smiles.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Carnival Glory Day 2 (Nassau, Baamas)

Ok, Sorry yesterdays post was late coming up, we were having internet problems.

Today was Nassau, and it was a beautiful day. 75 degrees and a nice breeze. Most of the gang went on a sail and snorkel adventure and they said it was a great time except for cold water. I ad planned to go to Paradise Island, but after breakfast I thought more sleep was imperative so I skipped it. I wandered around the straw market for a little while and enjoyed the ship being quiet. We set sail at 2 PM and are under way. Tonight is the old Sarge`s Birthday so we are going to the steakhouse for dinner. We lucked out having his birthday fall on elegant night so I will only have to don the suit twice this trip. After dinner the show tonight is Living in America. I have seen that show before but it is really good so I think I might check it out again. Then I will be removing the suit and going back to shorts. I have plan of another cigar on the lido deck tonight.

So far I am up a couple bucks in the casino, and have grow to like a new game, three card poker. We still have not gotten the sarge out enough to get him pole dancing but I have high hopes for that to happen. I will tell you if he pole dances, I will to. For those who dont know what I am talking about, here is a picture from a previous cruise Till later heres hoping all your faces have smiles

Carnival Glory Day One

Well it 9 pm on the first night and all is well. The ship is kinda rockin and rollin just a bit, but not to bad. The motherly parental unit got a bit sea sick and the fatherly parental unit is just plain hurting from the procedure the doctor did two days ago, but they are hanging in there. It is a peaceful night after dinner with the whole family I have a fine cigar in pocket and am preparing to move to the upper deck of the ship. Other than that, just taking it easy tonight.

Te trip down to the port was uneventful. We came early and beat the crowd (I think we were third) which was nice. The three of us sat in the VIP lounge (well they sat, I paced) and were in the first group on the ship.

Tomorrow morning we wake up in Nassau, we shall see how tat goes. Till then heres hoping all your faces have smiles.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fern House Christmas Concert

And on the night before vacation, all through the Fern.....was the West Palm Beach City Employee Choir. It was a great time and I have included the following video as proof.

See you from the ship

Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Days andconting

Well folks, this post is really just a test of my new blogger app. i needed a good app for the upcoming cruise.

It is Friday afternoon and we are leaving Sunday morning at 8AM. I am going to miss the insanity at work, but i need a vacation badly.

Tonight there is not much going on but Saturday evening we are having our annual Christmas Concert. The West Palm Beach city choirs coming out to sing Christmas Carols. If anyone is in the west palm beach area ad wants to come it is a great time. We have the tree in the big hall standing thirty feet high and the whole place is a winter wonderland. Should e a good time. once that is over it is vacation time. well thats it for now, heres hoping all
your faces have smiles.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T- four days

Well folks im back again. I am glad no one has gotten mad at me for not posting much in the last few months, I dont even get a chance to read to many blogs anymore. I am intending on a daily post throughout the cruise starting on Sunday! I am so looking forward to this vacation as some down time is verymuch needed. The fifteen hour days dont so much bother me, its the fact there are seven of them in a week that is pushing on me. A little R&R is just what is needed.

So for an update, I went to Dr. Wacks last week and weighed in and he told me I now weigh less than him. He added he doesnt think he can like me anymore, oops. My weigh in was 262lbs which was sixtyeight pounds since I started this diet about seven months ago. The weight is falling off a bit slower now but still inching down here and there. Dr. Wacks said one pound per week now is great and two would be excellent, but still being an addict and wanting instant gratification I still want ten pounds per week. guess we dont always get what we want. He also checked my bloodpressure and told me to throw away the meds I have been taking for hypertension. it was 80/55 and my heart rate was 50, now I am right at 120/75 with no meds. I had no idea how much the weight was hurting me in the now. I knew if I didnt lose weight it would kill me early but early was coming faster than I expected. Now I can walk without gasping for air and do all the things normal people do. I made a promise to myself when this started, lose 100 pounds then quit smoking, who knew I could do that. It was kind of an excuse to not quit smoking but I guess I might have to do that too.

Well thats it for now, gotta get back to work. I hope you will join me for some cruising blog fun.
Heres hoping all your faces have smiles

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its Been a While

Well it has been a good long while since I wrote anything here. Sorry, I have just been insanely busy with the new job. To give everyone an update on what it is I do, here we go. Number one job is overseeing fifty eight addicts and alcoholics. If that was my only responsibility it would keep me going every day, but there is more. Second, I am the guy who does all the interviews of potential clients. This includes….sit down before you fall down….. I walk into the Palm Beach County Jail at least once a week, usually more. The sheriff’s department actually cleared me to walk in the front door after doing a background check (not sure where their standards are). The best part of this whole thing is I get to walk out the front door whenever I feel like it, pretty cool eh? I also walk in and out of courtrooms on a regular basis. I put on my suit and walk in there like an attorney and the judges take me serious when I speak (that’s the part that really blows me away).

I also run groups; keep working relationships with attorneys, probation officers and other professionals. If they only knew where I was three years ago I doubt any of them would talk to me, so that will stay our little secret because this retired crack head has the coolest job in the world. It is kind of all-encompassing though and that is why you haven’t seen me here in so long, and kind of rarely for my standards on Facebook. I am sorry that I have not been keeping in touch with you I just have not had time. I figured out that I am putting in about 70 hours per week if it is slow, but the thing is I don’t feel like I have a job, this isn’t really work. I perform a labor of love every day and no matter what I wake up excited. My boss is more a friend and college than a boss. He gives me direction and coaching but in ways no other boss ever has, seems like he is training me for his job one day (hopefully not one day too soon). I still have a lot to learn, like when to shut up on the witness stand but I am working on it.

I have a couple more things to update you guys on, first the diet. When this started it was kind of the hardest thing ever. I went through a full blow detox, it was horrible. I was the crankiest person you could have been around but it has been worth it. As of now I am down about sixty pounds and frustrated because I have leveled off on my losing. I will admit that I have not been as intense lately and I need to get back into that routine. It is just so hard with my schedule and the fact that I don’t cook any of my own meals. I thing I have gotten to the point that nothing short of exercise will work, DRAT!  So at the advice of my doctor I am supposed to walk every morning. I find myself doing this about half the time because my joints and muscles are so weak from years of not exercising that I must twist an ankle every other day and it gets too painful to walk on.

For an update on the school thing, I have been going to class and am close. When I get back from vacation in December I will be starting my internship (which I will do at work YEAH!) once that is done in January I will go back and take the last five classes and sit for my state boards. Hope to have that all finished by April. So as you can tell I have been a busy beaver, so busy I almost loose count on when this vacation is. I think it’s in like twenty two days or something like that. (just kidding it is exactly twenty two days) I am excited and need the break but I think I will miss work being away from it for a whole week.

Well I think that enough for today. Sorry the post was so long but I have not updated you guys in so long I has a lot to report. Here’s hoping all your faces have smiles

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crazy Fun Times

So it’s been about a month since my last post….because I have been just that busy. The new job is going so well, it’s just a lot. I knew what I was getting myself into when I made this decision, but I had no idea how much fun it could be. The Fern House has many great events coming up in the near future and allow this to be an invitation.

First up will be this coming Saturday September 17 we have a concert here.

As you can see it’s a tribute to the Beatles, and should be a lot of fun. The next event will be the following Saturday September 24 which will be the annual Graduation Ceremony. Once we get those behind us it will be time to start planning the holidays. If you live in the West Palm Beach area I encourage you to come by and see the Fern House once the Christmas lights go up in November.

As for me personally, I work a lot! I have been working every day trying to get my fingerprint on the activities here.  I think I am just about to the point where I can slow down a bit. It’s also just 84 days till vacation. I must say I am already ready. If I could pack now I would quite happily but not quite yet I guess. 


That’s about it for now I guess….. Here’s hoping all your faces have smiles!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anything is possible

I would like to start this post on a very somber note. The world lost a great man this week, Clancy Cebula passed away Friday after suffering a massive stroke on this past Wednesday.  Clancy had the pleasure of touching thousands of lives in his work, and many owe him a debt of gratitude, me included. Any time someone like Clancy is lost there is a void left behind. In this case more than one. There are the countless alcoholics and addicts that he touched, but the institution he worked in, the Fern House also has a deep void that must be filled.
This is where I come in; I have been asked to help fill that void. As my regulars know I make a weekly trip back to the Fern on Wednesday nights to run a group for some of the guys. As I was leaving this week I was approached by the executive director Bernard and he reached out his hand for some help. Now most of you do not know that on many occasions I reached my hand to him and begged for help. This man offered me the help that got me out of the Broward County Jail having never laid eyes or spoken to me. Just because that’s what he does, takes chances on people. This man was always there for me with no expectations of me ever returning the favor, but now I have the chance to anyway. I have accepted the position of manager of the Fern House and have the honor of returning back to the scene of my transformation.
The funny thing about this is it was just a couple weeks ago I was sitting with a couple people important to me who asked where I wanted my life to go. I didn’t hesitate, I said I would love to go back to the Fern House and work on the front lines fighting a good fight. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in treatment. I wish it was more available to people like I was, the bottom of the barrel junkie. Unfortunately though treatment isn’t always available to people like me because it is expensive, $1000 per day expensive or more and thus it is reserved for people of means. You either need great insurance or wealthy family who isn’t sick of throwing copious amounts of money at the problem. I stopped falling into either of those categories long before I was ready to solve the problems I had, which meant I needed there to be a place like Fern House, and I needed people to care about my type of addict. This is why I consider it one of the greatest blessings ever laid before me and I can’t wait to embrace this challenge.
Now I cannot talk about this new opportunity without acknowledging the two jobs I am leaving to embrace it. Starting with what I have always dubbed “the kiddies” sunrise detox has been a great adventure for me. I remember back when they invited me into their family. I had no driver’s license or car. I took the bus as close as I could get and walked in on a scorching May afternoon, sweat dripping down my face, shirt soaked. Honestly in a time of ten percent unemployment I would not have interviewed me the way I looked, but they did. I guess they saw something in me because they offered me a job on the spot and I was working in the field that I wanted to work in, helping people. Not every day was great, but my overall impression of this period of my life will remain just that, great. I only hope they have appreciated my efforts half as much as I appreciate the opportunity to do something I have a passion for.
And then there was job #2, A New Way of Life sober living. I moved in two years ago and immediately became close friends with the owner Daryl. He soon began asking my advice and I was always ready to help him any way I could. The day came when he just didn’t have the time required and he offered me the job of manager. I set unrealistic expectations because the only halfway house I ever saw the inner workings of was Fern House so that’s what I thought I had to recreate. But Fern House is unique, I could not recreate it and thinking I could was really the one regret I have. I had some real success there, and fell on my face a few times, but the experience helped shape who I am today so I am grateful.
I leave both these wonderful organizations with a heavy heart. I have many great stories, had many a great laugh during this time and will never forget the people who took a chance on me or the great freinds i made. Now however is time for dreams to come true. What you ask is the true meaning of these ramblings? Simple….never give up on your dreams, anything is possible!
Here’s hoping all your faces have smiles, you couldn’t pry mine off that’s for sure

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yes that is the nicest thing I can say about our government right now, WTF?

The talks going on right now in Washington over our financial situation is pathetic. I don't really care if you side with obummer or the tea bags, you can't be happy with the people WE pay to lead right now. I have tried to stay neutral through this and just watch, I have tried to stay out of it thinking that this is politics and they will come to an agreement that neither side will totally like but the nation needs a resolution but i am not anymore. I am pissed! This is not the time for these dipshidiots to allow pride to destroy the nation, but that is what looms here.

I will say that one side has come with an offer for compromise, the dem's offered to eat 86% of the burden reducing Medicare and social security among many other programs that traditionally get them elected. The other 14% would have to come from revenue increases. An 86% win was apparently not good enough for repubs. They will accept nothing short of 100%. I think we should reenact the tax structure of 1986, a tax plan that every republican will remember was from their patron saint Ronald Reagan (who raised the debt ceiling 19 times because its what the country needed). The difference between then and now is simple, they were slightly higher than they are now, but brought in far more revenue than the little 3% difference BECAUSE, the patron saint of low taxes removed the corporate tax loopholes. Ronald Reagan was a true conservative see, he didn't believe in welfare. If you ask Eric Cantor what he thinks of welfare he will say he is totally against it, but you see he is not. He against programs that help the poor as they will not be voting for him, he does however love welfare for the corporations that fund his election efforts. That's why we can't afford 68 million dollars per year for the healthy mothers and healthy babies program, but the entitlements for corporate jets....his comment was "it's just two billion dollars". Not sure how anyone can put the word just in a statement that includes the phrase two billion dollars but he found a way.

This whole thing just makes me sick. Some of you have heard of presidential candidate Michelle Bachman, you know the lady whose husband cures people of being gay. Yeah that lady.... Well she just loves, and I mean loves the word slavery. Everything that happens in the world is enslaving someone. I personally think she is a joke not as big a joke as her husband, but a joke none the less. If you want to know why i feel she is a joke, well i will point out one quote she made to gretta on fox news yesterday..."i don't know why the president says we won't be able to pay the debt, we have plenty of money to pay the debt. WHAT?????? Sorry if you like her but even gretta van sustren, who never met a republican she didn't love managed to argue with her on this idiotic statement. But I digress, I will borrow her platform right now, the congress is enslaving the people of the united states of America.

Let me say this clearly, I do not like president obummer! I think he is (excuse my language) a pussy. He rolls over and plays dead when we need a leader, so for those who think I am rallying the Obama fans here let's dispel that immediately. He is a horrible president. Most who think he is horrible think so because he is uber liberal. I think he is horrible because he is a pussy. He has had two and a half years and just this week, for the VERY first time, stood up to the republicans for something he believes in.

If financial savings is what we need so much, how's about we end a war or two, their kinda expensive right? I mean Iraq has exceeded one trillion dollars, or eight percent of the nations total debt. Afghanistan will be costing the US $117 billion dollars this year, half a trillion in total. If I remember correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong here, that war started so we could hunt down the people who knocked down those buildings (if I could have expressed the way bush said the word terrorist in writing I would have happily used that word). Again, correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't we find the guy in charge of that whole knocking buildings down thing in FREAKING PAKISTAN! Evidence says he has been there for YEARS. How much does the pentagon spend on military intelligence? Anyway, mission freaking accomplished, he's dead, the Taliban are out of power, and heroine imports are up 1000%! Good times. It's time to end this mess, if you remember it was not knowing when to leave Afghanistan that brought down the soviet empire.......but that can't happen to us right? I love the line "those who FAIL to learn from history, are DOOMED to repeat it".

I personally side with 63% of Americans in believing the inflexibility of the republicans is the main problem here. My father, who I'm sure has lost a tooth grinding his teeth together as he reads this would disagree. We are allowed to disagree, that the great thing about this country. Leadership however has ALWAYS negotiated a deal to try to appease most of the country. That's why they are leaders. That's what this country needs. That's what this country lacks, on both sides of the isle.

Let's choose:


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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Well it has been almost a month since I checked in here. I have been so busy, and I found myself with some writers block. I just haven't had anything to say. I have even been cutting down to just one joke a day on Facebook, which is about half what I usually put in there.

Job number one is doing quite fine, better than it has been for me in quite a while. School is also going quite well but I am in a stretch of seven weeks in a row, seven totally different classes and it has me full. Which brings me to job number two. I have lost focus there in the last couple weeks and it shows. I have had to send a few people packing as the midsummer go get high festival is apparently in full swing. Some of you will remember last month I spoke to you about a friend who was staying with me that found himself with a crack pipe in his mouth, and I gave him another chance....well he tossed himself out when he decided to do it again. There have been a couple others since then too. One guy I had to toss because he was a huge disruption and refused to follow the rules. After a couple weeks of everyone running rampant I sat everyone down and we went over EXACTLY what was expected, and twelve hours later he was off doing exactly what he wanted. He knew I was at job number one and thought he wouldn't get caught, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that he just wasn't expecting.

I am at a point though where I just don't know how much longer I can keep up this pace. Two full time jobs and a full time student. I sleep from eight in the morning till about three in the afternoon and then run out and start over again. I have been slacking big time in my personal recovery, so much so that my spiritual adviser called me last week and asked why I thought I was cured. At first I was kinda insulted, but when I examined what he said I have to admit I haven't been doing anything for myself.

There was a convention of Narcotics Anonymous in town this week and I decided to go spend a night there (the most time I could). While I was there I heard three different people share their story, and the biggest newcomer of the bunch had 30 years of recovery. Well all three of them chronicled what it was like, what happened, what its like now...but most important to me what they still do now. I left there more than somewhat inspired and am nearing making a decision on what I want to do about job number two to help create some more time for my personal recovery. From a financial aspect I want to say I can't afford to stop doing it, but I managed before this thing came along. The only thing keeping me from quitting is the owner is a good friend and I don't want to leave him hanging. Tough decision!

Well enough about work life, it's the 4th of July and it's a time to reflect on freedom. We live in a great country, although not so closely followed by it's leaders. But let's not think about the political crap for just one day, weather you hate one side, or the other, or your like me and hate them equally.... That's not what this day is about. We live in a rare place my friends, you see in many parts of the world I would get thrown in prison for hating the leaders. In many places the freedoms we call basic, are out of reach. The freedom we have is precious, but it wasn't free. Many have sacrificed, many have died to ensure it is here for us, and I think the majority of this country doesn't appreciate it. They aren't taught civics class in school anymore. God, which was one of the reasons for the movement of europeans coming to the new world, a freedom of religion... Well God isn't even in the pledge of allegiance anymore. History books are approved, not for the facts included in the content, but to ensure people can pass their state exams. The English language I grew up with, and many immigrants were so proud to learn when they came to this become an American, not a Mexican American, or an African American, or an Asian American.... But an American! Well that pride is fading and the language I learned as a child is becoming the second and in some areas the third most popular dialect. People let's get back our pride. I don't think people should forget where they came from, but if it's so much better there then they should go back, because I miss the country, the pride in our union that we had when I was growing up. I don't think I'm a racist for thinking this way because I am so proud of this country that I think I'll stay. For my friends who found it necessary to leave their homeland to come here, don't loose your traditions, but I do think since you thought this place would be so much better...try it out and embrace a few of ours!

Now no one blow their fingers off today okay

Here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Concerts, cruises, and crack? Really????

Hi again everyone, and thanks for stopping by to visit with me. This has been a real strange day for me, some real ups and downs. My work week was actually very nice, but I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping during the daytime lately, even with the melatonin I take before laying down. This has presented a problem at work as it takes all my might to get through the hours of four am to seven am. If anyone has any suggestions I am open minded to your ideas.

Now back to today. Some of the ups have been Carnival Cruise Lines, which back in January offered us a twenty percent discount on a future cruise when we missed two ports. Well the corporate office had no knowledge of said discount and didn't want to give it to us. After one of the parental units sent about a dozen emails they have decided to honor their captains offer, in fact due to the inconvenience they also offered us a fifty buck on-board credit per person. You know what that means, time to announce......... December 4, 2011 Carnival Glory to Nassau, St Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk...TITS!

We shall be celebrating the fatherly parental units bicentennial... I mean birthday. The only problem is I know about the dates just WAY to early and will probably freak out waiting for this.

Today was also had a great thing happen, some of you will remember me writing about a concert I went to a couple months know

I thought that would jog your memories. Well the band FURTHUR did a pay per view web cast tonight from TRI studios in San Rafael, California. My roommate and I sat in the living room, iPad hooked up to the flatscreen and enjoyed a two and a half hour show, and it was great. I most enjoyed the fact that happy face guy wasn't there, nor was the overwhelming scent of dope in the air.....just great music!

Now life isn't a bunch of roses and mine is no exception. Job number two has been really draining. We were full for exactly four days, since Friday it has been a downhill slide though. We have lost three since then, and then came today. Now I am going to be nice, not because who I need to vent about reads the blog which he does, but because he is my friend and because I understand exactly where he is in that cranium of his right now.

I like to sit down and break bread with all the people under my roof regularly, it promotes a family atmosphere and helps us bond together. Well Tuesday night was my night to cook and I was making a favorite, tacos. Everyone seemed like they were looking forward to it, as was I. We were going to eat at 6:30, it was a plan. Well at 6:15 one of the guys wasn't home, I tried to call him and no answer. I called his business partner also no answer, they must be in a meeting right? Made sense to me, but he is getting leftovers because the rest of us had plans for the night and I finished cooking. After dinner, I am setting up for the concert, my phone's his business partner. We talked for a bit, but I didn't ask about my friend at this time, I just figured he was on his way home. The concert starts and honestly I forgot about him until it became curfew time. I was getting texts from others asking about late night meetings and it dawned on me, this jack wagon isn't home yet. I call again, no answer. I text, no response. I am pretty darn street smart and know this isn't good news. I call his business partner again, this time he is subject of conversation and we both know it can't be good news. Shortly thereafter he comes home, tweaked. He, like I have so many times before, decided to numb reality and went out and smoked crack after work. I called the owner of job number two, discussed it at length with him, called a house meeting and asked for suggestions. I asked what he did and the response was drive around and get high. I couldn't help it, the words just blurted out...that sounds like a bunch of fun. He looked at me, obviously riddled with guilt and asked if I thought he wanted to keep doing this crap. I told him obviously he did, because once you get on a path to recovery, you have to make a decision to go back to that crap. I believe that to be true.

I had a painful decision to make, and had to make it on the spot. I write about this because I think I made the wrong choice and am really struggling with this. I have always believed in this environment, if you get high, you get out. I make this decision without batting an eyelash every time it comes up. He was even expecting it, but I didn't. After speaking with the owner and the other people in the house I told him I was giving him exactly one get outta jail free card. You see this guy is a friend, for six years this guy has been a big support to me in my personal recovery. He introduced me to my sponsor for christ sake. And when no one else objected I didn't either, but I should have. Giving him a freebee in no way helps him and that pains me. I will never, I mean never give someone else a free pass, this I can promise you.

Well that's enough for now, here's hoping all your faces have smiles

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is my new motto, I love it! It's Tuesday morning and I have decided that barring anything jarring happening in my life I will only be posting new blogs once or twice a week. Life is so kind to me that it doesn't change much from one day to another, so I don't have too much to report. Again if anything crazy happens, well you will be the first to know.

That meeting last week with the treatment center went very well for job number two. They have agreed to use us, which would be great except as of six o'clock last night we were completely full. That doesn't mean much, been there before and it rarely lasts long until someone decides to move on for whatever reason. We shall see.

So the parental units and I are waiting to hear about our idea for the next cruise. You didn't rally think I could stay on dry land too long before planning out the next great adventure did you? More will be revealed.

Tonight I have what I consider a great honor on tap. I am speaking at a meeting tonight. This isn't just any chance to speak at a meeting either, it's at the clubhouse I went to five nights a week while I was getting sober. I am actually kinda nervous about this, but it will be what it's supposed to be, it always will be what it's supposed to be. Life in Gods world works like that!

That's about all I got for ya today, talk with you folks soon. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday

You know this used to be my favorite day of the week, till my work schedule changed. Now its just another work day. Well I took a week off from blogging after the cruise, and boy oh boy have I been busy. I needed to shape up a few things around job number two as I put something into the works for them. I have a tour happening there this afternoon from a local treatment center that is looking to build a relationship with a sober living community. If all goes well my marketing will be complete as this deal would keep us at capacity pretty much all the time. I also have a new venture in the works that if it works out I will be running a group or two for these folks. As you know I am going to school to become a counselor, well when I was speaking to them about the tour they mentioned this need of theirs. It's my hope to close both deals today, but more will be revealed.

This is going to be a very busy week for me. This meeting today, work tonight, school tomorrow and Thursday, and the fern house on Wednesday. I also need to squeeze in a few other things but I am so tired I can't think of what. My body clock is completely screwed up. Every time I go on vacation I go through this. I am unfortunately a graveyard shift guy, but cruise ships are not. Therefore it took me two days into vacation to get used to waking up in the morning, and now I'm back for over a week and I can't sleep during the day yet. I will get back into the rhythm, but it will probably take another week or so.

Well that's about it for now, I have lost my train of thought. I will update you all on how the meeting goes today, after I try getting a few hours sleep.

Here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carnival Glory pictures part three

Ok, this edition is the second half of the cruise...San Juan, Grand Turk and the return into Miami at daybreak.

In this last one, I think is one of my best with the commercial airliner flying through the image of the Carnival Valor's smokestack. I will put one more post together for you of a different sunrise that I thought was even better

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Carnival Glory pictures part two, the sun rises on a new day

There is nothing I can think of more peaceful than watching the sun rise over the horizon. I thought I would share one with you. Just remember you can NOT stare directly into any picture as it will make you go blind!

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Carnival Glory pictures part one

Ok I am going to condense this into three more posts, which means most of three hundred pictures won't be published right now...this is sail away day, half moon cay, and St Thomas.

Part two will be the second half, and part three is planned to chronicle two sunrises that I photographed. That one is really more for a certain photographer niece of mine.

That's it for now, here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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