Monday, December 5, 2011

Carnival Glory Day One

Well it 9 pm on the first night and all is well. The ship is kinda rockin and rollin just a bit, but not to bad. The motherly parental unit got a bit sea sick and the fatherly parental unit is just plain hurting from the procedure the doctor did two days ago, but they are hanging in there. It is a peaceful night after dinner with the whole family I have a fine cigar in pocket and am preparing to move to the upper deck of the ship. Other than that, just taking it easy tonight.

Te trip down to the port was uneventful. We came early and beat the crowd (I think we were third) which was nice. The three of us sat in the VIP lounge (well they sat, I paced) and were in the first group on the ship.

Tomorrow morning we wake up in Nassau, we shall see how tat goes. Till then heres hoping all your faces have smiles.


  1. Jealous. I am! Hoping for calm seas and lovely days. And I sure hope your Dad feels much better today!

    Enjoy the Steakhouse!

    big hugs xoxo

  2. What Barb said. And Happy Birthday to Sarge! Tell him his fans love him. Lots...