Monday, December 5, 2011

Carnival Glory Day 2 (Nassau, Baamas)

Ok, Sorry yesterdays post was late coming up, we were having internet problems.

Today was Nassau, and it was a beautiful day. 75 degrees and a nice breeze. Most of the gang went on a sail and snorkel adventure and they said it was a great time except for cold water. I ad planned to go to Paradise Island, but after breakfast I thought more sleep was imperative so I skipped it. I wandered around the straw market for a little while and enjoyed the ship being quiet. We set sail at 2 PM and are under way. Tonight is the old Sarge`s Birthday so we are going to the steakhouse for dinner. We lucked out having his birthday fall on elegant night so I will only have to don the suit twice this trip. After dinner the show tonight is Living in America. I have seen that show before but it is really good so I think I might check it out again. Then I will be removing the suit and going back to shorts. I have plan of another cigar on the lido deck tonight.

So far I am up a couple bucks in the casino, and have grow to like a new game, three card poker. We still have not gotten the sarge out enough to get him pole dancing but I have high hopes for that to happen. I will tell you if he pole dances, I will to. For those who dont know what I am talking about, here is a picture from a previous cruise Till later heres hoping all your faces have smiles


  1. Oh, I DO hope Sarge pole dances. It won't be an official cruise if he doesn't.

    I've been to the Steakhouse so I KNOW you're enjoying it!

    Big hugs, honey xoxo

  2. Tonight will be a great celebration for our favorite Sarge. Sure hope he does feel up to doing a little pole dancing this week.

    Have fun. Big hugs, honey...