Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Carnival Glory Day Three (fun day at sea)

So today was a sea day which i really enjoy. We never even had a view of dry land. The day brought total relaxation, much needed relaxation. I mentioned a show in store for last night but it did not materialize as rough seas made them cancel due to safety concerns for the dancers. wearing 6 inch heels in 8 foot seas is apparently not safe I don't know as I have never tried to dance in heels, but I will take their rd for it.

Dinner in the dining room has been some pretty rough service so far. Last night at the steakhouse the service was five star, but the dining rom has been poor service. I know we are a party f 11 which is tough but my niece Ayla watched us eat our second course and be served entrees then she got two courses at once. I have never seen problems like tis from Carnival. she did enjoy the wine at dinner, so much so that after dinner se was dancing in the casino with another lady who also had one two many. I can say this, Ayla is a funny drinker. She had me laughing until late into the evening.

So tomorrow is St Thomas, we are going to arrive about an hour late because of some of the high winds we have been traveling into. Thankfully the wind is starting to subside, and the seas with it too. many parts of the ship have been closed due to high winds and they are the parts I like such as the bow of the ship and the senility deck I am hoping to see them open back up tomorrow.

This cruise has been more of a bonding experience with my nieces and nephews. That part has been wonderful. overall so far it has been perfect, weather cant slow me down.

I guess thats it for now, heres hoping all your faces have smiles.


  1. So glad you're having a good time! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with you on FB, but that new algorithm has it so your feed doesn't show up all the time!

  2. Hey Chuck,

    Can't believe you've been at sea for four days, already. Your staff back here at "The Fort" have been running a tight ship, themselves. All is well.

    (A note for Kanani . . . while on Facebook, hover your cursor over Chuck's name on your News Feed. An enlarged box will appear. Now, hover your cursor over the word "Subscribed" which is in the bottom right of that enlarged box. Now click on "All Updates.")

    ~ David

  3. That "senility deck" cracked me up! I will definitely remember (and use) that one:)

    Hope you have smooth sailing for the rest of the week. Big hugs to everyone...

  4. LOL @ Ayla... I bet she was just precious! I'm with you about being surrounded by the water. It's so peaceful. Sorry it was rough.

    The dining service... what's up with that? Doesn't sound good. Typically they are on their game. Must be new staff.