Thursday, December 8, 2011

Carnival Glory Day 4 (St Thomas)

What an amazing day! We arrived in St Thomas about an hour late due to the high winds we experienced over the past couple days. Because of this the ship decided to stay an hour later in port. Around 11AM the motherly parental unit and myself got off the ship and moseyed through the port side shops and into the pharmacy to pick up some things the Sarge needed. after acquiring everything we needed she headed back to the ship and i went in search of something to do.

I found a bus island tour. $25 bucks and we were off for a two hour our of the island. St Thomas is truly one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. I got a bunch of pictures which I will post when we get back sunday.

I got back to the ship around 2PM and headed to the Lido in search of some lunch.....two people in line for the mongolian wok, wow! Staying on ships time, which is eastern standard time it meant that sunset was at 4:45 PM so I managed to take some photos from the balcony of the sun setting over the ridge line of Charlotte Amalie. There were a few too many clouds for and amazing sunset but it was pretty good.

The service at dinner was considerable better than it has been. The sarge was not feeling up to going to the dining room so the matre`d offered to take an order for him and have room service deliver it him. I thought tat was particularly nice of him.

Tonight was the show "Coming to America" they tried to do this show the other night but the seas were too high so it was rescheduled. I have seen this show before but it was still pretty cool. Afterwards we went up to Lido and played cards for a good while. You might have noticed there was no nap, this means I am exhausted, and we make port in San Juan early so I am calling it an early evening.

Heres hoping all your face have smiles!


  1. I do love St. Thomas, but I adore San Juan. One day I hope to spend an entire week or two in San Juan. I want to do the beaches, the rain forest and the mountains and still have plenty of time for relaxing on a tropical island.

    Enjoy! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Hope Sarge is better today. Love tagging along with y'all...and look forward to being there myself in just over a week! Woot!!!

    Big hugs to all, honey...

  3. Miss ya, Chuckles!

  4. If you ever get the chance, check out St. Croix.

  5. Chuck -

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the cruise.

    My best to your parental units and Ayla.