Sunday, December 18, 2011

Party in paradise

Today is a big day in the holiday season at Fern House. I have a hearing in court this morning, I have had a lot of these lately. If you have seen me on Facebook, you have seen the pictures of me getting ready to walk into a courtroom, if not here you go:
After court I have to get back and get ready for the Fern House Christmas Party. Two hundred people are expected which is just crazy. We talked about changing the party next year and doing two different parties. One for the guys and their families, and one for the board of directors, the lawyers we work with all the time and hopfully a few judges too. I think that would be better because if 250 people show up (which is possible) I have no idea where we will put them. I will be posting some pictures from the party afterwards tommorow.

I have been struggling with my diet since getting back from the cruise. I still have the desire but the follow through just isnt where I need it to be. I am promising myself that after Christmas I am getting back on track with the plan. I am down seventy pounds since I started nine months ago, but I still have thirty to go to get to my original wish of losing a hundred pounds. I WILL DO IT.

Thats about it for now, I am writing this Sunday night and I have to get up early for court so have a great day. Heres hoping all your faces have smiles!


  1. Looking pretty dapper there, Chuck! It is hard to get back into the swing after a cruise, but I know you'll do it!

    big hugs xoxo

  2. Chuck -

    You look wonderful and I have complete confidence that you will achieve your goal.

    Now, I just wish I had your willpower.