Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Days andconting

Well folks, this post is really just a test of my new blogger app. i needed a good app for the upcoming cruise.

It is Friday afternoon and we are leaving Sunday morning at 8AM. I am going to miss the insanity at work, but i need a vacation badly.

Tonight there is not much going on but Saturday evening we are having our annual Christmas Concert. The West Palm Beach city choirs coming out to sing Christmas Carols. If anyone is in the west palm beach area ad wants to come it is a great time. We have the tree in the big hall standing thirty feet high and the whole place is a winter wonderland. Should e a good time. once that is over it is vacation time. well thats it for now, heres hoping all
your faces have smiles.


  1. at least the app is working! sure am glad barb told us about this before we left!

  2. Me, too! Have a wonderful time! ... as if you won't?

    Big hugs xoxo

  3. Glad the app is working. Will be looking for updates. Have fun!

    Big hugs...