Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yes that is the nicest thing I can say about our government right now, WTF?

The talks going on right now in Washington over our financial situation is pathetic. I don't really care if you side with obummer or the tea bags, you can't be happy with the people WE pay to lead right now. I have tried to stay neutral through this and just watch, I have tried to stay out of it thinking that this is politics and they will come to an agreement that neither side will totally like but the nation needs a resolution but i am not anymore. I am pissed! This is not the time for these dipshidiots to allow pride to destroy the nation, but that is what looms here.

I will say that one side has come with an offer for compromise, the dem's offered to eat 86% of the burden reducing Medicare and social security among many other programs that traditionally get them elected. The other 14% would have to come from revenue increases. An 86% win was apparently not good enough for repubs. They will accept nothing short of 100%. I think we should reenact the tax structure of 1986, a tax plan that every republican will remember was from their patron saint Ronald Reagan (who raised the debt ceiling 19 times because its what the country needed). The difference between then and now is simple, they were slightly higher than they are now, but brought in far more revenue than the little 3% difference BECAUSE, the patron saint of low taxes removed the corporate tax loopholes. Ronald Reagan was a true conservative see, he didn't believe in welfare. If you ask Eric Cantor what he thinks of welfare he will say he is totally against it, but you see he is not. He against programs that help the poor as they will not be voting for him, he does however love welfare for the corporations that fund his election efforts. That's why we can't afford 68 million dollars per year for the healthy mothers and healthy babies program, but the entitlements for corporate jets....his comment was "it's just two billion dollars". Not sure how anyone can put the word just in a statement that includes the phrase two billion dollars but he found a way.

This whole thing just makes me sick. Some of you have heard of presidential candidate Michelle Bachman, you know the lady whose husband cures people of being gay. Yeah that lady.... Well she just loves, and I mean loves the word slavery. Everything that happens in the world is enslaving someone. I personally think she is a joke not as big a joke as her husband, but a joke none the less. If you want to know why i feel she is a joke, well i will point out one quote she made to gretta on fox news yesterday..."i don't know why the president says we won't be able to pay the debt, we have plenty of money to pay the debt. WHAT?????? Sorry if you like her but even gretta van sustren, who never met a republican she didn't love managed to argue with her on this idiotic statement. But I digress, I will borrow her platform right now, the congress is enslaving the people of the united states of America.

Let me say this clearly, I do not like president obummer! I think he is (excuse my language) a pussy. He rolls over and plays dead when we need a leader, so for those who think I am rallying the Obama fans here let's dispel that immediately. He is a horrible president. Most who think he is horrible think so because he is uber liberal. I think he is horrible because he is a pussy. He has had two and a half years and just this week, for the VERY first time, stood up to the republicans for something he believes in.

If financial savings is what we need so much, how's about we end a war or two, their kinda expensive right? I mean Iraq has exceeded one trillion dollars, or eight percent of the nations total debt. Afghanistan will be costing the US $117 billion dollars this year, half a trillion in total. If I remember correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong here, that war started so we could hunt down the people who knocked down those buildings (if I could have expressed the way bush said the word terrorist in writing I would have happily used that word). Again, correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't we find the guy in charge of that whole knocking buildings down thing in FREAKING PAKISTAN! Evidence says he has been there for YEARS. How much does the pentagon spend on military intelligence? Anyway, mission freaking accomplished, he's dead, the Taliban are out of power, and heroine imports are up 1000%! Good times. It's time to end this mess, if you remember it was not knowing when to leave Afghanistan that brought down the soviet empire.......but that can't happen to us right? I love the line "those who FAIL to learn from history, are DOOMED to repeat it".

I personally side with 63% of Americans in believing the inflexibility of the republicans is the main problem here. My father, who I'm sure has lost a tooth grinding his teeth together as he reads this would disagree. We are allowed to disagree, that the great thing about this country. Leadership however has ALWAYS negotiated a deal to try to appease most of the country. That's why they are leaders. That's what this country needs. That's what this country lacks, on both sides of the isle.

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  1. All I know is this has been looming over us for years now and nothing has been done. I'm of the school that believes taxes should not be raised - but I also believe in a flat tax. I'd also like to see the benefits for congress members sliced and diced. If you are elected for one term you still get life time benefits. Uh uh, no how, no way! That's gotta stop. I believe entitlements should be stopped at the source! And dipshidiots is right! (BTW: I use that word all over FB and other places. Hopefully, it will make the Urban Dictionary soon!!!

  2. blow up msnbc, you could possibly recover

  3. Chuck, I'm so confused with what is going on in the states. I feel so sorry with the American people. It seems to that the American people vote people to hopefully help them. Then why aren't they?


  4. Chuck -

    While my political leanings are Republican, I have to totally agree with you on this matter. This issue is something that compromise is made for, yet the Republicans have apparently decided that compromise is tantamount to surrender.

    What irritates me the most about this situation - and most political situations in general - is that this posturing and chest puffing is really related to getting re-elected, not to governing. And, this posturing for reelection is happening on both sides of the aisle.

    We need term limits badly - I almost would like to see a one and done limitation on all national political offices so that these career politicians would see the word career eliminated from their description.