Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Friday

Well hi again everyone! It's another Friday, which means another work marathon starts tonight at job number one. The kiddies get enjoy my favorite word to say to them..... NO! I am forever saying that word lately, job number one and job two. Job number two has been crazy this week. When last I posted I told you all I was on my way to take care of the guy who was sleeping on the picnic table, well he has become a thorn in my side as he just doesn't want to go away. I got a call Wednesday morning from the neighbors of that house (I used to live in that house and the neighbors are friends) they wanted to let me know that there was a guy passed out face down in the backyard. I get out of bed and run over there only to find the guy trying to break in to the garage. He had apparently put some of his stuff in there the night he was sleeping on the table. I tried to explain to him exactly how not ok this is but I tend to think his elevator only goes up to his knees. I let him know if he came back I would have to call the police, and when I left Fern House Wednesday night I stopped by and there were all the signs that he had been there. Geezzzz I went into the house and told everyone if they see him call the cops first, then call me so I can meet them there. I don't think this episode is over, but only time will tell.

That brings me to the other whack job. House number three has since I took over been the house I don't worry about. The guys there have been really cool and I never have a problem there, till now. Last Friday we moved a new guy in filling the house, and chaos has surrounded that property since. I hit my breaking point with this guy when he threatened to hit one of the other guys. I called him up and he came over to my house. The owner was there with me as he has known this guy since they were kids and both of us were on the same page, he needs to go. Well we tell him he has to get out and he snaps. Threatening to slap the owner and me and then kicked the screen door off it's hinges. We called the cops and he rode off. They met us at the house he was moving his stuff out of and supervised his leaving and told him not to come back....again time will tell if this is really over.

As if that isn't enough drama, i am writing this at 4am and I seem to have one to few cars outside. Right after I post this my next item is to change the locks at my house as it seem someone found their way back to the pipe. Wow that's a lot of drama.

Now there has been some fun things happen on my days off. Tuesday Wasserstein date night for me. I went out with a nice girl who has never had any addiction issues. We went to chilis for dinner and then went for a walk down the pier at Lake Worth Beach. I had a great time and I think she did as well. Very cool eh? Yeah I thought so too.

I tried to call my friend in St. Thomas, but he apparently does not have the same phone number, either that or he developed an accent and the tone of his voice is much higher. I guess that means there won't be a reunion there so I am looking for something cool to do there. If any of you have any suggestions I am open to your ideas.

Well I guess thats about all for now. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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  1. Sounds like when my kids lived at home...
    Good luck with the dating world!

  2. Awww. I'm glad you had a good date... That made me smile. As for the other drama, don't let it get to ya. Stand tough and follow trhough with your threats. Soon folks will know that you mean "business" and have no other choice but to behave (ok, so I'm a dreamer in that they'll behave... lol). You know what I mean. Hugs!

    P.S. Can I join y'all on the cruise?

  3. Hang tough! You are doing a great job. Glad you are also having some fun. Hugs...

  4. Wow - one would think you are living in a soap opera.

    Keep the faith, baby.


  5. Any chance you tried to find a phone book on line for St. Thomas?

    Who knows, they might have one.

  6. lol @ justjon.

    sounds like a marvelous date-- i wish it were warm enough here to do any walking. it's been hovering in the 40s and 50s all month :P