Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday in paradise

Hey there y'all, thought I would check in before I go to bed. It's another Thursday here in paradise and I must say I'm looking forward to today.

Poker Tuesday night with the parental units was ok...I lost about forty dollars which I don't really mind. I will also say i dont mind playing with the people with more money than brains. The problem I had was there were these two ladies that just ruined it. First the lady next to me, she was one of those really fun to sit next to people from Boston who think it's necessary to shout to the person sitting next to them. I spent three hours having this lady scream in my ear which left me with a splitting headache, and I really...I mean REALLY wanted to tell her to shut up. It took all the restraint I could muster. If it were not the parental units club I would have taken my boxers off and stuffed them down her throat! The other problem was this lady, she is a nice enough person I guess, but she thought she was supposed to win every hand. I add she did win about every fourth hand, but when she didn't she complained how she just never catches any cards. Again if we were in a casino she would have gotten the full Chuck sarcastic treatment.

Enough about that, last night was an evening with the boys from the Fern. I gotta say the group I am running there is pretty rough, I mean the guys there just don't seem motivated....but I got mine! If they choose to do nothing different it's on them, I still get the benefit of being of service.

Tomorrow is a day for getting caught up on some stuff for job two. I need to visit each house and make sure that all the keys still work. We have changed a bunch of faces in the last two weeks and we change locks every time. I went to one of the houses yesterday and couldn't get in. Therefore I am going lock by lock to figure this mess out then off to home depot to make any necessary keys. After that it seems like tomorrow is date night. As always details will follow.

I guess that's about it for now. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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  1. God Bless Ya, Chuck!

    I mean, if a man wanted to hear a woman screaming in his ear all night, he'd get married!:(

  2. LOL @ Dave.... you betcha!

  3. Good luck on date night.

    And good luck with the keys - they can get out of hand easily.