Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday

Well a very happy Monday to you all, and for those who hate Monday's...well I love them enough for both of us! The weekend marathon with the kiddies is almost over and all I can say is thank the good Lord for that. They ran me ragged this weekend and I am looking forward to some much needed time away. Job number two is a seven day a week thing, but it isn't usually all that tough. This morning however, when I leave the kiddies it's off to throw someone out that I know was out drinking last night. Actually he is already thrown out, the owner went by and changed the locks while my guy was at the bar. Rumor has it that he is sleeping on the picnic table waiting for me to let him take his stuff out of there.

Speaking of that guy and his relapse, I got a call yesterday from a good friend named Trevor. Trevor is newly retired and looking for something productive to do with his time. When he was working he was a therapist in several treatment centers and the reason for his call was simple.....would we like to implement a relapse prevention group for the halfway house. He offered to do it very inexpensively, just five dollars per client per week and that structure alone makes us much more attractive to treatment centers looking for placement of their clients. I am very happy and probably going to implement this program in the next few weeks.

Enough work stuff, I'm sure your all asking... I wonder when chuck is going on vacation with the parental units again? Well wonder no more, in a mere 27 days the parental units and myself will be boarding the Carnival Glory for a seven day adventure to St Thomas, Grand Turk, San Juan, and the Bahamas! This one I am already bouncing around like I am doing the pee pee dance because I have wanted to go to St Thomas for decades. I have a couple friends that live there and am going to try to get in touch with them...maybe they can meet me at the port and go to lunch together. I don't know yet but will keep you all in the loop as I am sure your going to loose sleep until you find out. I believe I am going to help the motherly parental unit do some cruise ship stalking as well, not to mention the pole dancing the fatherly parental unit does that sounds fun! Maybe I will join him for some table side pole dancing.......or not. We shall see!

Well that's enough for now. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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  1. I really hope you are able to hook up with your friends in St. Thomas - its great seeing people you haven't seen in years.


  2. Congrats on having another cruise booked. With the job you do 24/7 you definitely deserve it and all those great ports. I would love to be on that ship again. Enjoy!