Saturday, July 7, 2012

A day of doing less than nothing???????

Well I tried, really I did. I got called out on an errand to pick up one of our cooks from his hospital stay (gosh alot of people I know have been sick lately) but that was no more exertion than walking to the car. When I got back I watched an entire movie (first time in a year) then wached the Marlins game on TV. that was pretty good, but then I got busy. I had an admission to the program that was very apprehensive about doing it, that was an emotional moment with the crying mother and unhappy son (where have I heard that story before) and I decided to play cards again tonight. Not much running around, which is good because my leg is still swollen and my knee now hurts.

I have diagnosed myself though for all you webmd physicians out there. I had been going to the gym six day per week and running on the treadmill prior to my surgery, now I am not doing nearly what I was and I dont think my leg likes it. Therefore tommorow I shall go to the Walmart with my sick mother and walk around like nothing ever happened. Maybe that will do the trick. We are taking her car as I still cant lift anything over ten pounds because of the stitches in my gut. Her car has the handy dandy scotter lifter thingy so I will not have to pick it up.

And thats about my day, I know boring.... well you all suggested I do nothing. Anyway, heres hoping all your faces have smiles!

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