Friday, July 6, 2012

The ups and downs

Well today was a move in the wrong direction in my recovery. When I went to bed last night I was feeling a little feverish, and when I woke up I was a lot feverish and couldn't think straight. Also my left leg was noticeably bigger than the right. I was very concerned as I thought things were getting better faster then expected.

I called Dr. Wacks and he told me to come in. By the time I had gotten there my fever had broke, but I was still a bit confused and my leg was swollen. I was even instructed by my boss to take someone with me, which I didnt really want to do, but I did. I am glad I did too because it turned out to be more than a quick trip to the doctors office.

Dr. Wacks siad he didnt think there was anything wrong with my leg except my inability to follow directions and stay off it, but just in case he told me to go to the hospital and have an ultrasound. Turns out he was right and it was my inability to follow directions, go figure. So my travel compainion and I went to the hospital and sat for about 45 minutes until my procedure. I thought they would put the ultrasound thingy on my calf and be done with it, but the first words I hear from the super good looking technician with the southern accent were "you'll need to take off your pants". She is lucky I was not feeling well because there was a litany of smartass comments that I could have rattled off at that point.

Test came back negative and home I went. Tonight I played my normal card game for Friday, but tommorow I am planning on doing less than nothing, if the kiddies will let me anyway. Well its midnight and time for bed so, heres hoping all your faces have smiles.


  1. Look, don't over do it. If you do, you only set yourself back. Feet up, rest. Eat healthy!

  2. Mind the doc and stay put! Period. Delegate. You don't want to regress...again. Knucklehead. Said lovingly. With hugs, honey...