Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy wednesday

Ok, so I want to thank all of you who answered yesterday's question, more about that in a moment. Did any of you guys happen to watch the celebrity roast of Donald Trump last night? I always watch these roasts when they are on because I love to laugh, but this was really not one of my favorites. I think the best part was watching The Situation from Jersey Shore completely bomb. I don't like it when comedians bomb out like that, but as I really don't like this guy so I took a certain pleasure. The Don did announce on the roast that he was definitely running for president, something I only heard him hint about. What does it say about the state of our nation that someone talks about being the president on the same broadcast that the second most talked about subject was how many black men Lisa Lamponelli has slept with? Yes the whole night made a lot of money for charity, but I don't really think that was the right forum for someone to talk about being a leader. I'm just sayin'.

Today being Wednesday I would normally be gearing up for a trip to the Fern House, but this week I have to miss it for a class. I'm taking a class on family issues with regard to substance abuse, otherwise known as codependency. This is a truly interesting subject that could be a sixteen week class instead of two nights and still be riveting. Often times in the family of a substance abuser, the substance abuser themselves are the healthiest family member, physically and mentally.

Ok on to yesterday's topic, I want to thank everyone again for the comments. I got some really interesting feedback, some suggestions that I have since taken (Jon and Kanani) and we are going to breakfast when I get off work Saturday morning. I like that we decided to do the first date as a breakfast instead of dinner. Although there is already a relationship in place, it has never been a date, dinner seems to be a more pressured situation where breakfast is more unassuming which should let us be more relaxed, relaxed is good.

She did read the blog, and asked why I left out parts of the conversation. My response was that the post was already longer than I wanted it to be because I write for myself and I like to summarize situations and try to make it easier to read. She also writes, and in my opinion she is a better writer than I am. She does post some very long blogs and keeps it interesting, somehow I feel as though I would loose people if it took ten minutes to read.

Now I want to talk about a particular comment from yesterday. Adri said that maybe the questions of why could come from her insecurities, which is possible. But the part of her comment that "liking someone just because is okay, but it has to be rooted in something deeper because just because doesn't last forever". I agree that absolutely nothing happens without reasons in the universe but you missed my point of the question that I asked. I, and I won't speak for all men just most of us, I don't always need to know what those reasons are. Eventually the reasons do come out in the general course of life, which was my point. I don't always need to go in search of reasons, I find it's more fun to have life reveal them little bits at a time. I think that's because it helps keep things fresh and ever changing, kinda keeps it feeling new longer I think.

Well that's it for now folks, here's hoping all your faces have smiles

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  1. I just cannot embrace "The Donald" as president. Just something about him that I can't trust.

  2. I missed yesterday's post, so I went and read it...and agree on not overly micro-managing everything, especially feelings. Feelings are neither right or wrong. They are what they are. One thing that I Dick and I value is that we were friends before we moved on to the next level of love. It sounds as if you and your friend are already in a good place. Breakfast sounds like a truly great idea! Best wishes to ya both...

  3. I love the idea of a breakfast date - it just seems right. Although you have known each other for some time, you are starting out a new chapter in your relationship. When better than the start of a new day.

    Be yourself, be proud of what you have accomplished and understand that she sees something in you that you will never understand, but accept the simple fact that love is an unexplainable phenomenon.

    Best of luck.


  4. I think you did great and breakfast is a grand idea, enjoy. I was thinking and talking with a coworker today and it dawned on me that we would never ask a friend why they liked us, so why do we do that in a relationship. Just a thought that popped into my head. Best wishes for what lies ahead.



  5. am i too late to chime in??

    matt and i come up against this quite often. i'm a blogger, i was an english major, i love to read and write, and one of my love languages is "words of affirmation," meaning i feel most loved when i am told alllll about it. :]

    i married a guy whose love language is NOT words of affirmation.

    we go back and forth sometimes, me asking him questions like, "okay, you said i look pretty today, but can you tell me WHY you think i look pretty?" and he's all like, "Uhhhhhh....?"

    his brain just doesn't seem to work that way. he appreciates me, and he loves me, and he thinks i'm pretty and interesting (as far as i know), but putting it into words isn't his strong point.

    maybe that's the way you are too??