Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great news!

Well folks, there is some great news in one of the big projects I have on my mind. It looks like the treatment center may happen sooner that I had thought. I have put together a group of people who are very interested in making this thing happen. The biggest hurdle in any new business is of course finance, right? Of course it is. Lots of people have interest in opening a business, but they either lack the drive or the money to get it off the ground. Well I love the idea that we have, and I am committed to the idea. Willing to give all of myself to this project. But that is not enough, banks don't loan money for startup costs because your motivated. Not to mention the fact that in my own addiction I screwed my credit so bad that it was out of reach................

BUT, when the motives are right, the cosmos are lined up just so, and the effort is big enough, you just might be able to climb any hurdle! In this last week we have found two people who are looking for an investment, something to put a bunch of money into, and just wait for the rewards at the bank. That's right they don't even want a say in how the business runs, because they know what they don't know and they don't know how to run this type of business.

The idea that we have is unlike any treatment facility that I have ever heard of because we are talking about incorporating somethings that no other facility does. I believe this has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry. I am finding this whole thing very exciting and looking forward to seeing which way god pushes this project next!

I promise more details will come your way as soon as I can, till then here's hoping all your faces have smiles. You can bet mine does!

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  1. I have $4.32.

    Will that help?

  2. One More Thing . . .

    God should always be written with an uppercase "G."

  3. Exciting news!!!!
    Big hugs today, Chuck!

  4. Congratulations Chuck. Things are really looking up for you.


  5. Wait a minute . . .

    Are you talkin' 'bout runnin' sum sorta sweat lodge?

  6. Chuck -

    I have confidence that you can make things happen.

    Best to all.