Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well a happy Thursday to you all! I know I promised to be back on Tuesday, but I have been feeling like stir fried turds lately and just really kinda laid low. I haven't been taking calls or anything much social, sick just sucks. Last night was the first time I left the house since Monday, getting to the Fern for my normal Wednesday meeting. I was hoping to go see the parental units today, but with the sarge recovering from a chemo treatment I can't risk being contagious around him.

I haven't been able to work on those changes that I was talking about Monday because of how I have felt, but if I am any better tomorrow I hope to venture out to do some footwork. More will be reviled. Worst case scenario I get chopping on it Monday.

Well folks since I can't think straight right now I think that's all the rambling I will do. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles and my sinuses clear!

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  1. Oh, sinus crud... you need one of those squeeze bottle thingies like ur dad has. I use mine first sign of trouble.

    Sending "clear" vibes your way. Big hugs!

  2. i was going to say what lois said! pa's nose would be fine if he'd do it more often but nooooooo. (jk)

    sorry not to see you later. maybe soon.

    hugs, me