Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carnival Glory afterwards (stalking other guests)

As promised, here are the pictures and videos that should make you just say....what were they thinking.

The formal tie dye, sexy!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

And they say white men have no rhythm.....HA!

Note: if your ass is as large as the moon, wrapping gold gingly things around it does not make these pants ok! EVER!

I must apologize, I could not get the camera out of my pocket fast enough to capture the image of the six foot six guy with a mullet second knuckle deep in the nostril, I will have to be faster next time.

That's about it for now, sail away pictures either later tonight or tomorrow's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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  1. The "Private Dancer" looked like she was poppin' a wheelie on her bicycle there, for a minute.

    And, the girl with the pants made by "Omar the Tentmaker," must just be trying to cover up her "Propert of Hell's Angels" tattoo.

  2. as someone who has an ass bigger than that, I definitely have the common sense not wear gingly stuff like that. Some people! LOL!

  3. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed the dancers and the music. It brought me back to my cruise. See you.


  4. I won't say anything about the gingly pants lady because I was taught that people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. :D

    Big hugs honey :)

  5. Hey, guys! Those pants are sheer as in see-through. She put herself out there and we can laugh all we want! I wouldn't do see-through regardless of the size of my butt!