Friday, May 6, 2011

Two days and counting

And who could forget

Yup it's just two days away and if you can't tell, I'm pretty darn excited! I just finished packing my suitcase meaning I only need to pack my carry on bag and hit the port.

So yesterday in the early morning hours I got to prove exactly how freaking clumsy I can be. I walked onto the front porch, which is tiled, to find it was raining. Well I slipped on the wet tile, bounced off one of my patio chairs, into the screen, and onto the tile landing on my left shoulder. I guess I was lucky the the screen caught my head keeping my three brain cells safe. My roommate came running outside at the sound and I was laying there moaning. He is a nursing student which is good. As soon as he stopped laughing at me he was able to help me up and he applied a hot pack. For those of you who just got mad he was laughing, don't. If the roles were reversed, and when I came outside I didn't see any kind of spurty blood shooting about I would have pulled a muscle in my abdomen laughing at him. Just the type of relationship we have.

He suggested that I go get an x-ray so I did. I went to the emergency room and there I sat for two hours. They x-rayed my shoulder and the doctor told me he didn't see any fractures. He added that the fractures don't always show up until it starts to heal so if the pain gets worse to come back. His diagnosis was a probable bruised shoulder....that never had a bruise on it. You would think after fourteen years of college a doctor would be a smart person, but my pasty white skinned shoulder with no black or blue patches is bruised...brilliant! At least he will get to keep wearing his really cool white jacket and drive his seven series BMW home.

So I am supposed to wear this stupid sling for a couple days. You might have guessed by how much typing I did for this post I am not currently wearing said stupid sling. It makes my neck hurt worst than the shoulder feels without it, so I made a judgement call.... My unbruised shoulder is just bruised so I don't need it. Valet, can you bring my BMW up please?

Well I guess that's about it for now. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles, mine will between grimaces!

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  1. Who, I mean WHO, but YOU, can beat the astronomical odds that;

    You hurt yourself at home, AND HAVE A NURSING STUDENT AS A ROOMMATE?

    Love ya, Chuck.

    (psst! i'll be stowing away in lifeboat #4. don't forget to bring me those dinner rolls)

  2. And what am I doing up at 2:42 a.m. laughing about you doing the ol' banana peel trick?!? Glad you're only "bruised." When that purple bruise finally appears you can get some sun and match colors....

  3. go to sleep chuckie duck... you'll need it tonight.

    smiles, me


  4. Sweet, clumsy idiot, Mom! Glad it wasn't serious. Yes, I would have been laughing too...there being no blood, of course. That R arm is still OK to hoist those suitcases.

    Big hugs, Grace...

  5. Lauren in OregonMay 6, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Hey - stop picking on BMW's. They're the ultimate driving machine :)

  6. We have a rule in this house - the injured person has to move on their own before any assistance is provided.

    If they can't move, then a call to 911 is warranted.

    Glad to hear you are OK - use the sling on board the ship and get the sympathy vote.


  7. Chuck,

    Glad it is just a bruise. I prescribe a cruise for the cure. Please help your mom in stalking.

    Have tons of fun on your cruise!

    Smiles, Bobbi

  8. In no way would you miss this cruise, pain or no pain. Hope you are feeling better and all that I can say is " You lucky dog " going on that cruise. Also, please take care of those wild cruisers who are going along with you. Ha,ha,ha. See you.