Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission accomplished

Today is the day to hang this banner, it was a little early....but job done! Anyone else think that furry little bastard should be buried under the new world trade center buildings? Well given my choice that's where I think he should spend the next few millennia!

There have been several things on Facebook that I saw that just disturbed me. Many think this battle is far from over, and they are right. Where ever people are, an evil person can be. I think the lesson here is don't screw with us. We will bankrupt our nation and many like it to pay for the right to hunt them down, and will not rest until we meet that goal. Just my twisted perspective.

Oh and a note for that furry bastard, here's your virgins

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Well, he's now "food for the fishes!" Personally, I was rooting for burial on a hog farm...

  2. Nuns with guns? hahaha! That is awesome? I don't care where they bury him, as long as it is not on American soil.

    Bug hugs honey xo

  3. In "Great Days in American History," this has to rank right up there near Armstrongs' first step on the moon. (I often wonder, how can you top Neil if he ever asked you, "What have you done with YOUR life?") Imagine having the distincttion of being the Navy Seal who pulled the trigger, and ventilated Bin Laden skull? For security and safety reasons, we may never learn who he or she is.

  4. May BL suffer in Hell forevah!

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. he feels the heat and it is not virgin.