Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Carnival Glory day three (part two)

Day three was another magnificent day. This was a sea day which usually means big lines for everything, but I managed to avoid them all! After lunch I managed to squeeze in a nice nap followed by a session of blackjack in the casino (more on this in a moment).

It was formal night which means everyone dons there best suit for dinner. So what would I do, well of course I put on my nicest pair of sweat pants and a nice shirt and we had dinner away from the crowd on the lido deck. After dinner we had about an hour before the show so I went to the casino for another session of blackjack (more on this in a moment). The show was absolutely lovely, a Vegas style revue called "Living in America". The theater was very warm, ok it was freaking Africa hot in there. So much so that I had to walk out once into the lobby to cool off.

When he show ended we had about an hour until the comedy show I wanted to see, so I stopped in the casino for a session of blackjack (more on this in a moment). The comedy show was Allyn Ball again tonight and he made me laugh so hard my head hurt. We are now waiting for room service to deliver my cheesecake fix.

For my friends waiting for some stalking, I mean images of the fun people on the ship, I promise tomorrow while we are in St Thomas I will post a video that should make you smile.

Now back to this blackjack thing...... I have been playing in only fifteen or twenty minute sessions, and doing pretty well. So far I am up $190. To steal a line from Allyn Ball's show... It's like some strange lady I never met showing me her hooters, won't change my life...but it makes me smile.

Well that's about it for now, have a great day folks and I will talk to ya soon!

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  1. I'm glad you're smiling, and if you're lucky maybe you'll be smiling big time in St. Thomas if there are any Euros bathing topless....ha.
    Enjoy that cheesecake - pardon the pun!

  2. Are you sure that it was the temperature and not the dancers in the show that made you hot :)

    Good to hear of your luck at blackjack.

    Enjoy the cheesecake.


  3. It sounds as if you are really enjoying this cruise, enjoyment wise and money wise. I agree with the other person writing, you probably got hot because of the hot girls on stage. Aren't they amazing.
    Are you going off the ship in St. Thomas? And isn't it amazing that this morning I put on the shirt that I bought when I went to St. Thomas and it was the same cruise I met your parents. I loved St. Thomas. Have a great day Chuck.