Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Carnival Glory day three

Ok folks, this is not the main post of the day. I have a funny story, at least it made me laugh so I though I would check in real quick.

I got up early this morning, 5:30 to be exact and I can't explain why as I was in the casino till 1:30 am last night. Well I took a stroll to the lido and was relaxing, watching the sun rise. At 7:00 the breakfast buffet opened so I decided to grab a bite. I go through the buffet line and find a table near the window and I am just minding my own business eating breakfast, when I decide to stop minding my own business.

Four people stop at a table next to mine and put their bags down. It is quite obviously two parents a daughter and her husband or boyfriend. These folks are apparently also cruising with another couple as dad asked if they were coming to join them. The daughter announced no they were not they ordered room service. At this point the mother, we shall call her Matilda (probably not her real name, she just reminded me of a Matilda) who is from the quaint little community of asshole (not sure if that is in Alabama or Mississippi) announces that she wanted to order room service and stay in this morning, she just didn't want to tip anyone else.

Now people, please do not get me wrong.... I love the south. The people, the customs, especially the accent. BUT if you live in a double wide and keep your mother in law in a single wide out back (no actual offense to people who live in trailers... It's for the effect), AND you can't afford a two dollar tip for the room service attendant, then maybe, just maybe you should not spend a years salary on cruise tickets!

Well that's my story this morning, I will be back tonight with a full post....after a huge nap!

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  1. Matilda did't want to leave a two-dollar Tip, but she's got no problem losing her ass on the Slots.

    Always, ALWAYS apply a reasonable, if not generous gratuity.

    The Server you disappoint today, must just have access to the food you're going to eat, tomorrow.

  2. Some folks just don't have any class.

    Keep on reporting! Big hugs, honey...

  3. Like Sandy said, some have no class. I think to have such yummy free food delivered to my room is so very worth every tip we give them. We love decaf with a few cookies in our room before bed. Oh and the Steak and Brie Sandwich. I don't mind a nice pot of coffee in the morning while we are waking up and getting ready. Cruises spoil me so much. December is so far away :(. Keep having fun Chuck, you deserve it.