Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carnival one

Well hey there folks, as I write this we are about thirty miles northwest of miami on the magnificent Carnival Glory. I am completely whooped right now as I worked last night with the kiddies and drove straight to the port. That means minus a one hour nap before the ship sailed I have been going for about thirty hours straight. The only reason I woke up from said nap was the sardine drill, I mean the safety briefing. When they called us for the safety briefing we, of course went immediately. This was not bright as the briefing does not start until every last drunk licks the last drop of mai-tai out of the glass and then argues with the bartenders about why they have to stop serving alcohol long enough for the officers to explain how to climb into the life boats. This was a twenty minute wait for a ten minute briefing.

After that fiasco the ship set sail and things started looking up. Dinner was fabulous... Tomato soup, caesar salad, fried chicken and creme brûlée! After dinner I went to the blackjack table and immediately went up. I quit up about twenty five bucks, to be continued tomorrow! Our cabin is a bit small for the three of us and it is a challenge with the parental units scooters. I am glad I'm here as I'm not sure they could manage those things on their own. I am going to call it an early night as my favorite past time is watching the sunrise from the lido deck.

Well that's about all for now, I will check in with you all from half moon cay in the Bahamas tomorrow. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles! Mine does

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  1. Chuck, I am so jealous you are getting to go to Half Moon Cay, as I have not been there yet. I can't wait to see pictures!

    Yay on the blackjack win.

    I am glad you are there for the parents, I know they love having you with them.

    Big Smiles as I cruise through you all,


    PS Did you give your mom a Mother's Day hug for me? Go ahead and give Sarge one too for his fantastic pole dancing :)

  2. have fun!!! bummer about not having a suite, TRY to have a good time though [i know how hard it is to have fun on a cruise]. :D :D

  3. Damned, how I'd love to be the Blackjack dealer when you say . . . "HIT ME!"

  4. Dang... just a small balcony room? How will you manage?

    As I told your Mom, I'd go if I had to stay in a closet!

    Hope you're rested up and ready to thoroughly enjoy the cruise!

  5. Have a great time Chuck and I'm so happy that you are there to help your parents. Have fun and don't lose to much money.


  6. I'd rather go to Half Moon Cay than Nassau...and a small room onboard is better than staying home!!!

    Big hugs, honey...