Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carnival Glory day four

Well to day was an absolutely amazing day. Our stop was at the incredible island of St Thomas. If I were to ever pick a place to die I think that's the one. The bay was filled with sail boats and surrounded on three sides by near straight rises to a thousand feet of just the most beautiful small mountain. The sarge and I had planned to take the cable car to paradise point, but the thing was not wheelchair accessible so we took a taxi up there. The cab driver was pretty cool and he took those mountain curves on a sixty degree grade like a pro. I personally don't think I would want to drive them. We didn't stay up there long, just long enough to take some great pictures of Charlotte Amalie harbor and all the surrounding area. After that the cab driver took us to the downtown straw market. From there we decided to walk (with sarge on the scooter) back to the ship. A one mile walk through the waterfront area. After that I definitely needed a nap! And so thats what I did.

Dinner tonight was amazing, we went to the steak house.... I highly recommend if you ever sail with carnival you MUST do that at least one night. Tonight's menu was Lobster Bisque, New England Crab Cake, and Maine Lobster tails (I got that knowing the parental units couldn't finish their steak which made it a surf and turf). This was followed by gingerbread ice cream (WOW). Tonight there aren't any shows that interest any of us so the parental units are up on the lido watching a movie on the big screen and I will be doing what I like....blackjack.

I know I promised some video today, but the Internet is so slow it will not upload. I will post it and a bunch of pictures as soon as we get back. That's it for now, here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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  1. I watched Toy Story 3 on Lido on one night that was as perfect a night at as a person could ever hope to have. I need to go on another cruise SOON!

    Carry on with your fun times!

    Bigh hugs honey xo

  2. That should say 'as perect a night at sea as'... Doh!

  3. I just had a food orgasm reading your menu!

  4. I'm so glad that you and Charlie got off the ship at St. Thomas. I loved this island and we took an excursion to the very top of the mountain. WOW! What a sight
    I remember when your parents too us out for dinner at the steakhouse. Amazing, wonderful, tasty and filling. I think I'll have a nap after reading your blog. See you.