Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy friday

Well it's Friday again, which for most is a day to relish, but it is actually my Monday. I don't mind it so much though, as I work three nights a week, so after four days off I am usually ready to get back in the game of chasing the kiddies around to ensure that they have been burped and have their pacifiers..... I mean that they are ok.

I know I haven't been checking in very often, I am finding time to be the most valuable commodity. The only thing that everyone wants but no one can buy. I have been very busy this week at the fern house three nights in a row to work with my sponsees and still couldn't meet with all of them. Maybe you'll remember me telling you a while back that I was only going to work with one guy at a time, well it sounded good. I now have five guys I am working with. It's something that couldn't be helped, I can't say no to someone who is really looking for a way out. All it means is I have to work faster in my other endevors so I can make time for them.

As you can guess I have not been able to sit down to start working on my book, but I found an app for my iPad that can help me. Its something that I very much want to get into, but I am afraid that once I start I will have to give up something else I am working on. All I can say is more will be reviled.

Well that it for now, everyone have a great day!


  1. Focus on the book.

    The lint in your belly-button can wait.


  3. have fun while we're gone. but not too much fun. ha ha ha

    smiles, mom

  4. Do what you can when you can. Life comes first, blogging after that... bwahahahahahahaha!