Thursday, February 17, 2011

How about a little controversy for your Friday

So it's Friday again folks, and for me that means another weekend work marathon with the kiddies. I really hope that I make it as I have been really under the weather with either some type of food borne sickness or a stomach virus. It has really sucked but Thursday was a bit better so here's hoping I can get through Friday night. The whole job number two has also been keeping me busy, when I took over the place was at just over fifty percent capacity, we are now at eighty percent. That is not to shabby for five weeks, but no time to gloat must keep working.

So I know I promised there would be no more political talk here....but this thing going on in Wisconsin really has my attention. I understand both sides, and know why they are doing what each side is doing. I believe we need unions in America, if you disagree just read a history book. Unions have improved safety in the workplace, work conditions and wages, but they are just as if not more corrupt as the politicians in this fight.

The bill before the Wisconsin legislature does not effect the factory workers who's jobs are being sent to india, it effects public service workers. Personally I have never been to Wisconsin, so I do not know what it is like to try getting something done with a government agency there.....BUT if they are anything like the public servants in the great state of Florida, there is a better chance of being hit with something that flies out as they pick their teeth in front of you instead of them helping you. Raises for cops??? Well since I had an experience of calling 911 a few weeks ago begging for help and waited 18 minutes for a response to a domestic situation with threat of violence..... SCREW their raises.

Now let's talk about the teachers...... In Wisconsin, the average teacher makes 46,330 dollars per year. First year teachers make just over 25,000 dollars right out of college. Now please do not get me wrong, I DO believe teachers are, or at least should be, important. BUT they work ten months a year with a two week vacation in December, one week in November, and one week in either March or April. Pretty sweet eh? And I am ok with all that, I really am, BUT when enough of them decided to call in sick Thursday that the largest school system in the state had to be closed, and for what?so they can go protest (a sick day that I am assuming they will be paid for) well that just blows! If teachers want raises, how about we base them off the performance in their classroom. I'm sorry, but each generation gets just a bit stupider, not to mention this.... I asked someone who just graduated high school who seemed to not know how a bill becomes a law what did he learn in civics class? His answer was: what's civics. REALLY? I further inquired and the kid graduated with a 3.5 gpa and never had to take a civics class. The kids have no idea how their country works... Sorry that's pathetic.

Now I know what this is about politically. I will sum it up in two words: political contribution. Of the top ten lobbyist organization donations, only three of them were putting their money in democrats pockets... They were all unions. Without unions contributing money the republicans could easily run the table. Democrats have to protect the unions because without them they loose. Hence the Wisconsin state senators have violated state law and left town so a vote could not be called. As I have previously stated... I DO NOT CARE about the politics of it, pardon my language they are all assholes. My opinion is about stoping government employees from milking the public, while doing piss poor work and they can't be fired for it. The people pay those folks, and if they want the people to give them more, how about they give the people more!

Well that's enough for now (deep breath).... Have a great Friday!

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  1. oh my, you can see that the well is dry. keep working on that, someday you will be smart as me......:)

  2. (totally evading the subject)

    Hope you're feeling better, dear. Stomach crud isn't fun. Hugs!

  3. All I can say Chuck is try to teach a group of young children that don't want to listen and learn as well as their parents who are always fighting you trying to have their children learn. A principal whose just trying to protect his/her butt and telling you to do what they want and the board of education telling you what they want and have that all together and not having the necessary material there you having to spend your own money for the spoiled brats who don't give a damn. You should have become a teacher Chuck.


  4. Ha Chuck! I love your post. Don't get me started on government workers - or big government for that matter!

  5. Breath, Chuck, breath.

    OK, now really express yourself and how you feel.