Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I have spent the past couple days relaxing at home. I would have gone out, but I have not had a car. Maybe you'll remember a few weeks ago the crack head drama that took place in my front yard, well the car has been in the shop since Monday morning getting the hood repaired. My dad called me normal, since that's what a normal person would do.... I told him not to ever call me that again. I am a lot of things, but normal just isn't one of them.

Well anyway I spoke to the guy doing the work Tuesday evening and he informed me that he had just finished doing the paint work on the hood of the car and it would be ready for me to pick up this morning. I am kinda giddy with excitement, ya know like a kid in a candy store, waiting to get my baby back. I love that car, and treat it like a member of the family. While it has been in the shop I feel like a parent would if their child was in the hospital, wanting to go visit it. Well that might sound sappy, but you try living by the schedule of the public transportation system for two years, I bet you would feel the same way. I have been up all night waiting for morning to come so I don't miss my ride to pick her up in the morning. It's five am right now, two more hours, I can make it.

Well it's Wednesday again, and that means a trip back to the Fern. I have a new guy that I am working with right now, he seems highly motivated and I like that bunches. I have decided that, while continuing to run the step study at Fern House, I am only going to sponsor one guy at a time. I do have two other sponsee's right now, but they both completed the steps, so I can focus more attention on this one guy.

Well that's it for now, here's hoping all your faces have smiles... Cause mine will

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  1. normal? never. enjoy the car dude! and the fern house!

    smiles, mom

  2. Ther really is a normal? Hahahahaha

  3. I agree with you Chuck. I have a Monte Carlo ( red ) and I love that car. When I go for a ride I just feel at ease when I'm in it. My first car was a Monte Carlo but I wanted a Camero but my dad helped with the cost and he wanted me to have a heavier car and thus a Monte Carlo ( black ) and I fell in love with that car.
    Aren't we all normal and at the same time a little weird. I know I am. Enjoy the day with your car.