Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's tuesday again in sunny south Florida, which brings about my day to relax. This is my favorite day of the week! After the weekend with the kiddies, which this one was quite rough, Monday is my recovery day. It takes the whole day before I feel normal again. Tuesday is my day to deal with a minimal amount of things, but more relax. I did have a very active Monday yesterday, when I got off work in the morning it was a lovely breakfast with the parental units, followed by a trip to the Walmart. Then last night after the house meeting for job number two, I hosted a poker game in my dining room. That was a lot of fun and we have decided to do it again next week. I don't think it will be a weekly thing, but maybe twice a month. I do have to admit I lost, but it was only thirty bucks and it was a lot of fun so I don't really care.

I did manage to spend some time thinking about a few projects I have on the horizon and feel like I am ready to make some announcements. First, I have decided to start a project that has been on my mind for over a year, a book. Some of you who read my parents blogs will remember last year I was in the hospital for two weeks and had some real problems. My whole life has been faced with problems that almost ended my life many times. I have faced those problems, and come to realize that the struggles I have gone through can benefit and help other people. My realization while sitting in the hospital was that I only wanted to face the easy struggles, I only wanted to find easy answers, and it never helped. It came to me that NOTHING, absolutely nothing, worth having in life is easy. The most valuable things that come to our lives do not cost money, and they are invariably difficult. For years I didn't want difficult because it was difficult, and nothing satisfied me. Well I have embraced the difficult and found satisfaction. This is the basic premise of my idea, but I have never done any real writing so I am looking for some ideas on where to start. I will also be looking for, and if you read this blog regularly you know this, someone to edit this thing for me. I have this auto spell check which changes things I misspell without asking me, and I spell so bad it can't figure me out (turning it off for a second to make a point). I don't know why I spell so bad, because Hukt on fonecs works well! (ok it's back on).

Now this project is going to take guide a while to complete because I have so much on my plate, including being in the planning stages of opening a treatment center. I had another meeting with the guy I am planning this with and we talked about asking for some help and including some people who have done this before. I am incredibly excited about this, because we are talking about incorporating some things that no treatment program out there uses, a real cutting edge idea which if this works (which it does, I did it) could revolutionize an entire industry and change the way addicts seek treatment. More will be reviled I guess.

Well that's it for now. Here's hoping all your faces have smiles!

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  1. i had fun yesterday dude... and i'll help you if you want but i'd take out the bad parts about me! ha ha ha

    smiles, mom

  2. Hey Chuck, I'm so happy that you have understood now where life is. I have also experienced a serious situation in my life. I had a stroke where my wife was told that was going to die. We had only been married 3 years, one child and she was pregnant with a second. I guess God wasn't ready to take me and I survived. There were many days when I had troubles but thanks to God, my wife and my parents I came out of these troubles. Now I'm retired and so relaxed that life is so great. Your parents are a couple that I respect so much. I only met them a few years ago but I gained so much from them. Your mother is a thoughtful and loving individual I feel like she is like my mother and your dad, well he's tough, strong positive man but is also soft at times. I just love Charlie. You have many things to think deal but if you think about your parents you will have no problems because just have the strength of your parents and your life will be happy. I have a blog also and your parents are ones who check on it. Without them I would be the only reading it with a couple others. But even without that I do it really for me to continue writing, reading & thinking. It does wonders for me and yours I bet does wonders also.


  3. I'd be happy to help you out. Editing is one of my strong points.

  4. Best of luck on your project - I volunteer to be a proofreader.


  5. i have an english degree, feel free to make me feel useful! :]