Thursday, February 10, 2011

Should I? Shouldn't I?

Ok let me start by saying what I am going to talk about today is NOT the reason for this blog. I will NOT be making a habit of this, but here goes....

I was reading my fathers blog over the past couple weeks, and if you know the sarge, you will know that he is, to be polite, very spirited about politics. He has also been in somewhat of a pissing match with one of his readers named Mattman. The sarge is a conservative, again putting it politely, and Mattman is a liberal, to say the least. Well two days ago the sarge put up a post about one of his hero's, Ronald Reagan who would have celebrated his one hundredth birthday this week. Well I decided to chime in with some witty comments, but since I have rarely, ok never seen eye to eye with the sarge's political views, it didn't go over very well.

Since I am going here I guess I should explain my political views. In the late eighties I was more right wing than the sarge is, well maybe not but close. Then came my problem, I trusted a politician. I trusted George Bush Sr. When he said read my lips. About this time I was enrolled in a political science class and was really into it, even thinking about changing majors. I think the instructor of that class, who I would sit and talk to played a part in me making my decision, i was ditching the republicans. According to my instructor, and today I believe this as well, when someone is liberal when young, they usually grow more conservative over time. When one is conservative when young, they grow into heartless bastards. (I will be called uninformed for that, but probably only by people who voted for Jimmy Carter). Well back to it, then came Bill Clinton, and I learned to like him. Yes he lied to us, but by this point I had grown to realize that politicians were incapable of telling the truth. I voted for him and was happy to do it! He took a failing economy, raised taxes higher than any tax hike in the history of this country, and we prospered. He submitted the first balanced budget to congress for approval since Kennedy, and we prospered. I know what most of you are thinking and yes he couldn't keep it in his pants and he lied about not being able to keep it in his pants, but the country prospered.

I know what the conservatives out there are thinking, everything good that happened under Clinton can be attributed to Ronald Reagan, and I know that is what your thinking because that's what fox news taught you. But unfortunately that is not true, cause Clinton undid most of the things that Bush Sr. didn't undo such as ending the trickle down economics just for an example, and we prospered. If I would have had the chance I would have voted for him a third time, and he would have won. Unfortunately though I didn't get that chance, so I instead voted for Al Gore, yes I admit it. And that dipshidiot left me completely disenchanted with the democrats. You see he invented the Internet. Bwahahahaha, the Internet was first conceived when he was fourteen, and he was nineteen when the first email was sent between ucla and Stanford in 1969, since he went to Vanderbilt and harvard it means that is a figment of his imagination but nobody tell al that let's let him keep thinking he is special. Or not, screw him, since he made millions placating to peoples fear with the whole global warming thing.

So now we come to my current opinion, which was born in 2000, all politicians, both sides, are manipulative lying, scumbags who sell fear for a very high price. Both Bush's did it, Reagan did it, Obama continues to do it, even my favorite Clinton did it (although that was more to take the countries attention off his sex life). So my political affiliation---- I dislike them all equally. I don't care who wins, because I get screwed equally either way. I care even less what the entertainers that some of you consider reporters think I should believe because they are also making millions placating to peoples fear I include them all CNN,msnbc,cnbc,fox news, just to name a few.

That said, I am now sure that I have pissed everyone off, both sides. My job here is complete. After this I hope for no more speak of politics on this blog for a long time. Even though I pissed you off I still hope you have a great day!
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  1. sigh..... idiot! (kidding!)

    smiles, mom

    (someday he'll get his brains)
    (i hope)

  2. Like I always say -- there are different flavors of ice cream and different colors of crayons.

    Nothing is one size fits all... that includes politics.

    LOL @ Bee

  3. you got to stand for something, I stand for America, and the GOP.

  4. Parties are really just shorthand for a set of values. The Republican Party most closely represents my values, that's why I vote for them. They're certainly not angels, and some of I can't stand (Lindsey Graham comes to mind). I don't identify myself as a Republican, I'm a conservative (although, truth be told, I do have a bit of Libertarian leaning, as well).

    That said, you didn't piss me off. I have friends & family all over the political spectrum.

  5. Fair and balanced, but not pissed off:)

  6. Mattmanless is a scumbag.

    You have a right to your opinion. Good for you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  7. BTW, I am living proof as to the inaccuracy of your "heartless bastard" theory. I am one of the kindest people you could meet, and I have always been a conservative (I'm 50 now).

    Just thought you might like to know.


  8. Mattman should change his name to angryman...
    I am laughing at your mom's comment hahaha
    There are a few good books out there that you should pick up and read. The democrat party no longer exists, you know? It is the far left progressive party

    My mom was never a democrat or republican until she got into nursing, went to college. (college's are very vERY liberal now, completely taken over by the progressives you know, so "everyone can go to college"
    which is soooo great because if youdo a little bit crummy or bot show up for classes they will pass you at most colleges because it is so expensive, they can not fail you. Anyway, there are those that will work hard to attain their goals and self sufficiency and then there are the others that are here to put their hands out and demand it is unfair that they do not share.

    bonks and mom says you are still young -- so get some good books about economics. the progressives are ruining everything they touch.

  9. FYI: Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming to a balanced budget by Newt Gingrich

  10. Yet another "honorable" man, resigned instead of facing his 84 ethics violations as a part of a plea bargain For felony bribery charges. Quit giving me more ammo geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Again, I find myself schooling the young man on the facts of life……….

    You are correct that 84 ethics charges were leveled against Speaker Gingrich, all purely political in nature. 83 of those charges were found to have no merit.

    The remaining charge consisted of two counts “of failure to seek legal advice” and one count of “providing the committee with information which he knew or should have known was inaccurate” concerning the use of a tax exempt college course for political purposes. Yep, he taught a college course and Reinhart College in his district, such a criminal.

    He was reprimanded for his actions. Your assertion that he resigned rather than face the charges is not correct. He became a serious liability to the Republican Party, though I still support him, he was lied about on a daily basis which is the normal procedure for the Dems, if they cannot defeat you they try to destroy you. Heartless bastards in my mind. He did resign rather than face a challenge for the Speakership which he would have lost.

    That is the facts, all the peripheral crap, like his girlfriend to be his new wife, the heartless way he treated his ex, just that, peripheral crap, he resigned for political reasons.

  12. I believe most politians want to do good, both Party's. But then they get to Washington and find out that politics corrupts. So I find good on both sides and bad on both sides.
    I am a proud Republican, just so you know. And your Mom is the funniest and lovliest lady I have read in a long time. She makes my day sometimes and you have her ability to tell a good story in you.
    Thanks for the enjoyment.

  13. Ok, one more Newt fact, the sarge brought up a good point, he was dating a woman who would become his future wife, that is true. Unfortunately he was still married to his first wife, and while lying to her and the country about cheating on her, he was leading the congressional hearing trying to hang Clinton from a tall tree for doing the exact same thing. What a hero! (that was sarcasm just in case you didn't realize)

  14. You Chuck, I sometimes just sit back and laugh at what takes place in the states. I don't enough about the politics except that at times it appears that both parties don't want to find the answers because they always just want their party win, not win for the people. But what do I know, I'm just a Canuck that has enough problems with 5 different parties over here and one party wanting to secede Canada. How's about that for a problem and that party is in the Canadian government. All I know for sure is that we have two countries that stand for freedom.


  15. No offence, but it was Clinton that had a HUGE part in 'loosening' up the lending laws - which played a BIG part years later in our economic collapse.

  16. Just Sayin' - as your mom would say ;)