Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Well hello everyone, I know I missed a couple days in the past week. It is hard to remember where I need to be even minute of every day. I also can attribute this to my mother, she told me about this app called angry birds, well in two days I have beaten the free version, and gotten to level fifty-two on the paid version. I am gonna need angry bird anonymous!

I did get out of the house on Tuesday though, I had to run several errands getting job two compliant with the laws and regulations so I never have to go through Sunday nights fiasco again. This seems like it might be easier than I first expected, but more will be revealed. I also got out for the evening, dinner with the parental units then I joined them for their Tuesday night poker game. I did ok in the tournament, finishing in eight place at the final table. Unfortunately, only the top six finished in the money. Dad did better finishing in fourth, good job!

Well Wednesday brings about a trip to the zoning board (nope, doesn't sound fun to me either) and back to the tax collectors office ( nope still not fun but necessary). THEN, it's off to the Fern House. I am quite sure there will also be a stop at Starbucks as well. All in all Wednesday seems pretty busy. Well that's it for now, here's hoping all your faces have smiles! Make it a great day

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  1. I hate paperwork and jumping through hoops, but must be done.
    Your "Angry Birds" doesn't sound like something your mom would like! Unless she's shooting 'em!

  2. I've heard about Angry Birds... I'll need to google it. Have a good day today. Hopefully the bureaucrats will cooperate for ya.

  3. Hey good morning Chuck. Heavy snow day here. We gor at least 8 to 10 inches last night with some ice. What a messy day it will be. Well I have to go. Time to shovel and I mean shovel. See you.


  4. that was lots of fun last night, we are so glad you went!

    smiles, mom

  5. strike one, you raised my big blind.

  6. What a wonderful relationship you have with your folks - you are very blessed, as I'm sure they are to have you!

    I know we've never met or talked, but I'm proud of how you have come through your life, so I can only imagine how they feel :)