Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crossing the lines

Well happy Thursday to all.

Just a note before I start on today's topic, thanks to all for the comments on yesterday's fiasco. I do not however agree that he is married, according to my friend he is divorced. I will however repeat my comment, creepy!

But enough about that. As you know I have been a member of alcoholics anonymous for almost two years. Before that I struggled with my addiction for more than two decades bouncing in and out of another twelve step fellowship. Let me make this disclaimer, that twelve step fellowship was NOT the reason that I didn't find a solution then! I just was not ready for my solution. When I got clean aa was convenient because of where I was living and finding rides to meetings was easier if I went to aa. I also found the perfect teacher for me there and began to change my life.

Well, the two fellowships are both based on the exact same steps and principles, but there is a distinct line between them. Very few people attend meetings in both fellowships. Many in aa have some sort of substance abuse history other that alcohol, and most junkies also had issues with alcohol, and more importantly than that those substances really were not anyone's problem it was the solution that we came up with (yes it was a poor solution). So I do not understand why some people have a problem with what they call the other fellowship.

By now your probably wondering if I have a point, and since I forgot my point for a second I had the same thought, but I do. I was asked last week while at the Fern House if I would come to a meeting of that other fellowship and share my story. I, as I would always do for aa cheerfully said yes. He then gave me the details of the meeting and come to find out it is on lake worth beach about 100 feet from the ocean. I thought what a nice place for a meeting, unless it's the last week in January. Fortunately it won't be too cold tonight, high fifties.

Now I share all this because I can't tell the whole story as speaking about another fellowship is a no no, so I can't talk about where I found my solution. I can talk about my solution as they have the same steps, and I can tell my story because it's mine and no one gets to take that from me. If asked I will tell anyone or everyone that aa is where I found god and myself. I guess I can hope for more than one thing tonight. Always when sharing I hope that someone can relate to my story and realize that they can also change their life. Second maybe, just maybe my crossing the line will help blur it for someone that is to this point closed minded.

Here's hoping all your faces have smiles

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  1. I'm hoping you inspire someone with you story about staying sober.

    Big hugs!

  2. speak good honey. myself i never understood the difference as alcohol is a drug too, just a legal one. but then i think nicotine is too but that's just me.

    ly! mom