Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Saturday was ment for sailing

First a shout out to a new follower, JETER welcome.. I will be traveling with the flat version of you this week, pictures will follow.

Well the last night with the kiddies was pretty uneventful, they are all pretty much sleeping now as I type this (I hope they dont here me typing and wake up). The one thing that just erks my chain about working with the kiddies is two days after they come running in broken and battered, they sit on the patio and tell stories about how great getting high was, well i asked one of them if getting high was so great, then why the heck did you come here??? Needless to say he didn't really like that, but my motto is you get the truth, and sometimes that hurts!

Ok enough about that work crap....ITS CRUISE TIME!!!!!! those who follow me on facebook know i started my countdown at 45 days... dont do that (just a tip) but looking at the clock i see it is 4AM and the ship leaves in exactly 12 hours. I gotta tell you that i know what a hyperactive kid on a sugar buzz feels like right now. Ohhhh i have people wanting things from me right now, i guess thats all for now... on the next edition there will be many pictures and stories...
till then may all your faces have smiles


  1. Bon Voyage, you Lucky Chuckie Duck!

  2. jeter will like you a lot, the liberal version of me....

  3. hey duck, i'n up! lets roll...

    smiles, the mom

  4. Y'all have a super-wonderful time! Have a cold diet coke while watching a sunset for me... take in all the blues and greens of the water... Oh, the colors!

  5. Harharhar! Yer da liberal version uv sarge? I LOVE u! U mus be PURFECT! Havva grate crooze an pleez giv ab an sarge headbutz frum me.
    Luv-yer frend -jeter harris (hizself)

  6. Lucky Chuckie Duck is right! Any day on a cruise is a puuurfect day. Look forward to reading all about it.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Have a terrific cruise as I'm sure you will. :)

  8. dude. don't stand in the front and scream "I'm king of the world".... you know how that ended for him.. not so good.. love you brother.. you have made an impact on my life... much love ,. SCOTTY MAC