Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday on dry land

Well it's Saturday and I'm home. It was a great vacation but the sound of the washing machine is a reminder that it's time to get back to normal life. There will be no more four course meals served at my whim, but vacations are just that, a brief separation from reality. I stopped by work to check my schedule and realized I kinda missed the place, well I will be back there tomorrow night. Maybe one last vision for your drooling pleasure

Now back to reality, it's playoff weekend for football which makes me happy. I also have a Saturday night off work for the first time in quite a while so I am going to a meeting that I really like but never get to go to!

Well that's it for now, here's hoping you all have a great day!

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  1. All good things must come to an end... but it's also a new beginning! I'm always glad to get home again after a vacation. But if I ever hit the lottery, I'll bet I could live on a cruise ship! Or ships, so I could visit every port in the world!

    Enjoy your meeting! Big hugs :]

  2. Welcome back to reality!

    Big hugs, honey...

  3. welcome back home. Glad y'all had a wonderful time. Hope the reality transition isn't too jarring... HUGS!

  4. being on vacation with you was fun chuck, lets do it again.

  5. I'm glad that you enjoyed the cruise especially the time spent with mom & dad. I wish I could have could have spent some time on a cruise with my dad. He's been gone 10 years but I bet he's happy that I'm enjoying my cruising. Yes it's back to reality but having those memories will last for ever. What are you having for dinner tonight Chuck? Sorry I had to do that. Rest tonight because tomorrow starts another day. See you.


  6. Chuck -

    There is an easy solution to the post-cruise syndrome that you are feeling - multiple personality disorder.

    While you are making your bed and cleaning, you are Tatut from Thailand. When you are putting the meal on the table, you are Vasily from Romania.

    See, the cruise never has to end.

    Glad you are back to reality my friend.


  7. deer chuck,
    fer dinner dis mornin i had i had friskies prime filets with salmon and beef in sauce ... served onna glass plate an placed on da floor. it wuz heven.
    welcome home.
    luv--yer frend--jh