Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wensday Jan 5

So its another day in absolute paridise here in florida. Not to much on the plate for today, i do have a visit at club fern tonight which i never want to go before hand but i am always so happy i went when its over. I found a new meeting last night and liked it a bit, maybe gonna have to go back there when i get home from the cruise.............speaking of which
we are at 3 days, 4 hours, 14 minutes and counting
Well thats about it... heres hoping all your faces have smiles, come on smile even if its fake


  1. Hi, Chuck! I started reading your Mom's blog about 3 years ago. I just love both of your parents to pieces! Since we're friends on Facebook I already know how excited you are about the annual family cruise! I'm going on the BC4 cruise with them in February! woohoo!

  2. Can't wait for BC4 at the end of February. You are a lucky duck, getting to cruise next week...