Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day four.. Roatan Honduras

Well it's day four and we are just south of my favorite island, Isla Roatan, Honduras. Have tried twice to dock the ship, but due to high winds And the size of the ship this is as close as I get to roatan

Carnival has decided for safety reasons not to dock and we are going to have an extra sea day, which is ok I guess. Well I gotta go make a new plan for today... I leave you with this mouth watering picture of last nights dinner

A duet of filet minion and short rib confit. Have a great day, I know I'm gonna!

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  1. Hey Chuck, I so sorry that you won't be able to dock at Mahogany Bay. I really like this location. WOW, that dinner plate looks wonderful. Your mom & dad took us to out to dinner one evening and I'm still shocked about the gigantic steak that I had and I finished it even though I was in pain for awhile. ( I loved it )
    You really are enjoying your cruise. Great for you. Say hi to your parents from Mary Lou and Paul.


  2. Yummy. I had filet the other night, but as awesome as it was, everything tastes gooder on a cruise ship! Because you're on a cruise ship. And I don't mind not getting off the ship one bit, but even more so if safety is an issue.

    Say hi to Miss Bee and Sarge and give everyone hugs from me!

  3. Oh my...




  4. Sea days are a good thing! Safety next:)...