Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wed at sea

Well there goes Isla Roatan Honduras as we sailed away unable to make port due to rough weather conditions. The port, mahogany bay, faces south and is very narrow. The strong winds crossing the ship made docking impossible.

Well, now the wind is blowing 45 mph from the north and makes the stop in Costa Maya impossible.... So were going back to Cozumel! I think this is pretty cool as I wasn't able to do all I intended. Carnival as a company really stepped up and gave everyone on the ship a twenty percent discount on a future cruise. Now I think that is pretty freaking awesome considering this was something completely out of their control. They really know how to create raving fans!

Dinner tonight was fabulous, fresh mozzarella, caesar salad, seafood newberg, and bitter&blanc for dessert. For those who don't know, that is amazing, they take all the scraps from all the cakes they make and make a sweet bread pudding with bitter chocolate and cream!

On my way up to the lido deck to watch the stars and feel the breeze. I will check in from Cozumel's Internet cafe tomorrow.
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  1. 'On my way up to the lido deck to watch the stars and feel the breeze'... that kind of says it all quite nicely, doesn't it?


  2. That dinner sounds yum! I need to stow away for the next cruise... LOL!

  3. What a sweet deal...along with that bitter 'n blanc! Next month, our turn to cruise...

  4. "On my way up to the lido deck to watch the stars and feel the breeze". Would there be a nice friend waiting to watch the stars with you? Just wondering Chuck. On our cruise last year we weren't able to get to Costa Maya either so I have no idea what Costa Maya is like. Dinners, they are fantastic and is one of the great things about a cruise. Have fun.