Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes it's Wednesday again which means a trip to the Fern tonight. My favorite night of the week! Also three of the guys in my houses have expressed an interest in going with me this week, I can only hope that they find the help they need there. Last week my group finished so we will be starting new tonight with a new group of fernites!

So last night I was sitting in front of the tv unable to find anything to watch because every network in the world found in necessary to broadcast that pant load, um I mean the president. I thought to myself I'll watch it hoping to hear the magic words, you know "I'd like to speak to you on the plight of the immigrant, as a Nigerian born man I know" but just as he was introduced my phone rang. I of course answered right away hoping for something more entertaining and boy did I get it.

Now I must start by saying this person knows I have a blog, because she said I better not read about this on the internet tomorrow. I just can't help it so I will not use any names. Now I received this call because she knows I will tell her the truth regardless of if it is painful, and I did. She is in a new relationship, well not really. She met this guy on the train about six months ago and because they both spend an hour each day on the train they began to talk to pass the time. Now there is obviously some sort of chemistry because she is describing a man that puts butterflies in her stomach. Now I have the impression that they have been dating for a while because I heard that they had talked about what type of wedding they were going to have, the type of dress she would wear, even what song their first dance would be. I was getting excited for her and her happiness, but then the bombshell dropped. They have not even been on a date yet (unless you count a daily train ride as romance). I now have the opinion that he is creepy because men do not plan out their married life based on commuter conversation. I cant speak for the women out there because quite frankly I don't really understand how you all think, but as a guy that just isn't natural.

Now the actual reason for her sharing this story was to ask a guys opinion about if I think he really likes her. This I couldn't answer. I did tell her i am not sure that I care if he likes her cause I'm not sure if I like him for her, but to make her happy I gave her some advice to put them in a position where something that they do could be called a date and call me back to tell me how it was. I hope she takes my advise BEFORE sending out the invitations to her wedding or thinking up names for the children...ooops too late her mom already did that.

Now for the reason that I shared this with you.....SEE MOM I AM NOT THE MOST SCREWED UP, I told you so.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Wow, ummm...I have to agree with you on the whole creepy thing. As a woman I would not marry someone I did not date at all. If she needs to know if he likes her or not they need to actually go out and spend time together and put wedding thoughts aside,lol.

  2. The guy is married and having the greatest laugh about this. My two cents. Some women just aren't very smart are they. If she reads this. Good! I'll bet money there won't be any contact outside of that train.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. agree sandee, he's married and having a fantasy at her expense. ask her if she can call him at home!

    smiles, mom

  4. Oh man, that is creepy and I agree with all of the above. Your comment to your mom sure made me chuckle though.



  5. Married - and cheating on his wife to boot.


  6. Yep, married and fantasizing and a complete dirtbag. Period.

  7. sounds married... or hiding something... just doesn't sound right.