Monday, January 24, 2011

Drama, drama, drama

Yes it's what it looks like. I actually couldn't get all three cars in the picture. It has been a crazy morning here at the homestead.

I had gotten home from work about an hour before the festivities began and I was just laying down. When I heard a banging at the door. Apparently one of the guys in my house pissed off his crack head ex girlfriend so her three brothers came over to kill him. Well we called 911 and the fabulous PBSO took fourteen minutes to respond. Well when my roommate wouldn't come out of the house the took a parking stone and threw it, bouncing it off the hood of my car and into the windshield.

Turns out the one with the pitchers arm just got sentenced to ten years probation last month, so with this new charge of criminal mischief and vandalism he will be going to prison for his stupidity, and his brothers will also end up with charges as well. You know I am so damn mad I could spit nails but I am lucky (REALLY trying to look at the bright side) I have friends and they are being mobilized. One of my buddy Daryl's tenants does body work on cars so that will help with the hood and my insurance should take care of the windshield. I just really don't know what to do about this guy I lice with. I know her from the past and nothing, and I mean nothing but turmoil has ever been in the same room as her. I told him repeatedly for several months now that he can not have any involvement with her if he is going to live under the same roof as me. He has repeatedly lied saying that he is not with her or even talking to her but here comes her redneck crackhead brothers two months later destroying my property. What did he offer me for causing this drama? A hearty sorry about your truck while he walked away to call his new drama queen. The more I think about this the madder I am getting so I will stop. On my way to see the parental units right now, have a great day, I promise to try to myself!
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  1. I'd pack his stuff in matching Publix luggage and kick him to the curb. You don't need his drama.

    Big hugs to you and to the parental units! :]

  2. "Spitting Nails" - you sound just like your mom! Wait, so you don't drive (I think I read that in another post somewhere) but you have a car?
    You're doing a great job posting everyday. I know how hard it is, which is why I don't even try. Must be in your genes ;)

  3. What Barb said honey. You don't need this drama. It's going to happen over and over and over. If you let it.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. I think you know what to do about the roommate situation, you just have to act on those instincts. I think since you've made so many small steps in a new direction, one more away from this goon and into the life you really want would be the logical choice.
    Sounds like you have some good friends. That circle will continue to expand as you keep making gains.
    Say Hi to your Mom and Dad for me.

  5. Hugs. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm confident that you know what the right thing to do is and will take care of it accordingly.

  6. I'm sure you will make the right decision to keep sanity in your life. Nobody needs this crappola...